Enrich Your Life On An Experiential Journey To Thailand

For women it is pretty unusual to get the opportunity to see and enjoy the world in their own way. Travel opportunities when you can forget your fears, leave your responsibilities behind and experience a sensation of just being you are very rare. Your time is usually taken up dealing with to-do-lists, keeping track of children's whereabouts, dealing with office tasks, to name a few of the matters that keep you tied down.

When you do travel, most of the time it is to discover new places. But, have you ever taken a journey that can change you forever? What if you could take a voyage to discover a different side of you? What if you had the freedom from your duties and responsibilities and time just for yourself? Imagine a voyage to create the most exciting and never-before experienced time just for you to study a fun and new skill. Through creative tourism experiences, you can have life-changing lessons that will reveal undiscovered aspects of yourself.


Muay Thai

One study possibility is Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai, often called Thai Boxing or Koxing. Dating back centuries, it’s a demanding sport that takes a lot of commitment, both mental and physical, to reach top condition. But the healthy training benefits start right away, and that’s why more and more men and women, Thai aick B

Fast paced and exciting bouts are fought in stadiums throughout the country. Fighters strike their opponents with their hands, feet, knees and elbows at lightening speed. But you don’t even need to fight to benefit from the advantages of the training.nd foreign alike, are starting to study Muay Thai to stay fit and build self-confidence.


Thai Cooking

Thai cooking is within the grasp of anyone willing to try and learn as chefs welcome visitors into their kitchens to study the secrets that make Thai cuisine so delicious and healthy. It is common knowledge that it tops the lists of the world’s favorite foods, and visitors can learn how to prepare an array of dishes and take this skill home.

There is a range of courses, from one-day to weeklong classes. Most have only a handful of students, which means lots of personal attention. And when you return home, your family and friends are certain to appreciate you’re new and practical skills.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is another valued skill family and friends will be pleased you know. Studying Thai massage is a holistic journey that undeniably leads to greater wellness and longevity. You will be taught about energy meridians and techniques to open up these sen lines, the invisible energy channels that flow through the body. After receiving a Thai massage, people have increased energy as well as decreased stress and muscle tension. And the person giving the massage also gains from the experience, including the pride that can only be felt by a healer.


Crafts and Weaving

The connection between clay, bamboo and silk caterpillars may escape most observers, but students of Thai crafts will discover they are essential ingredients for some of the country’s most beautiful works. Students exploring one of these wonderful crafts will only be disappointed by the realization that life is too short to discover all they can about them. The knowledge imparted by master potters or weavers focuses on the essence of craftsmanship and the ability to create beauty from what may initially appear as nothing.


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4 thoughts on “Enrich Your Life On An Experiential Journey To Thailand

  1. Your suggestion to take a Thai cooking course is a really good one. I took a 3-day course while in Chaing Mai and I still use the skills I learned many years after taking the class. It pays for itself!

    1. Well done for still cooking after your Thai cooking course! We did one a few years ago on Koh Lanta which was great. We went back to Australia and tried to cook from our recipe book, the food came out ok, but just not the same! At least we learnt how to make massaman curry paste and we have impressed our friends over the years with it.

  2. Thai cooking is within the grasp of anyone willing to try and learn as chefs welcome visitors into their kitchens to study the secrets that make Thai cuisine so delicious and healthy. <— this is soooooo worth it! i really encourage them to learn it.

    tanya, malaysian loves thai food, so i think u should share this post on malaysia news-sharing site. . u can get more traffic.

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