In Our Bags


We have written some great articles on what we have packed for our travels before child and after child.


Going on a trip and wondering what to pack? This is not a full travel packing list but here are four ultralight backpacking essentials that should be in everyone's bag.






One of the recurring targets for people's curiosity is our stuff. Everything from “how much stuff do you have with you?” to “is that seriously all you have?”

Today, we are going to show you our bags and what is in them while we travel around Asia.

This article will therefore be known as What's In Our Bags – Asia 2013 Edition.


This is an updated Long Term Travel Packing List as of September 2012.  We have now been on the road for over eight months and a lot has changed since then.

We have changed bags, sent stuff home, chucked a lot out and replaced items.



Our first Long Term Travel Packing List (For Two People) articles we did. There is a list of everything we have taken with us on our long term one bag trip.

We have done our best to keep it simple, have minimal “stuff” but still be extremely comfortable and to stay under the airlines rules of weight and size of carry-on luggage. At the end of this post is a video of how we fit everything in to our carry-on bags.