The Perks Of Going Package

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If you’ve ever walked past a travel agency on a Saturday afternoon, whilst perusing the shops or paying your bills, then you will no doubt have seen the brightly coloured posters in the windows, advertising bargain deals, begging for you to go in and book.

The package holiday may be a thing of old, and with the dawn of the internet, going into a travel agency and booking the old fashioned way might not be everyone’s chosen route, however there are still huge bargains to be had, and it also offers peace of mind for those not quite so au-fait with booking independently online.

You’ll typically find the best deals departing from London airports, and if you have to travel, then booking an airport hotel is a good way to combat this. I’ve stayed at many of the hotels at Stansted Airport, and can certainly vouch for this idea, which can be taken into account when travelling longer distances, or indeed for early flights.

You can gain control over your travel plans by checking up to date information on your flight and airport in particular, such as I recently did, religiously checking information on Stansted departures in the days leading up to my flight. This will keep you bang up to date with information, as well what to do and where to go in an airport that you’re perhaps not so familiar with.

Your package holiday will give you peace of mind, knowing that your flight, transfer and accommodation is all organised, and all you need to do is cover the whole thing with insurance. Your travel agent will more than likely try and sell you their particular brand of insurance, however I would politely decline this offer and instead do your own search and book. You will find policies much cheaper online, and it’s simply a case of making sure you read the small print, and declaring any pre-existing medical condition. Never be tempted to travel without adequate insurance.

The major advantage of booking a package is that in case of a flight delay, your transfer will still be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. I recently booked my flight and transfer separately, and as my flight was delayed, my transfer had gone. I had to arrange another whilst I was there, but had I booked a package, I wouldn’t have had this problem. If this had happened to someone who was a nervous traveller, or who wasn’t familiar with the process, then it could have put a mar on the holiday, so you can see the major perks of a package holiday – basically comfort, whether you book your package in store or online.

Whilst technology and the way we do things moves with the times, there is something to be said for sticking with the old fashioned way, and if you can find a shop-based package bargain then go ahead and book, then look forward to your upcoming jollies.

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