My Parents Went To Africa Before Me

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Sometimes my parents amaze me. They are farming folk and have led a fairly working class life filled with plenty of love from our extended family. Their lives have been great but international travel has not been high on their agenda. And yet, my parents have beaten me to Africa.

Totally not fair.

My mum took a lot of photos and sat me down and shared her experiences of the safari they went on. It was fantastic seeing so many animals in their natural habitat instead of at the zoo. Mum shared a story of how an elephant came right up to their truck to say hello. I am truly jealous!

Along with the African safari tour, mum and dad spent a lot of time hanging out with the locals. Conversations were had, clothing trends compared.

They spent a total of three weeks travelling around parts of Africa and I have been told it was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

It is time that Andrew and I get over to Africa ourselves. This is where My Adventure Store comes into the picture. They offer safari tours in various parts of Africa for younger people like us. Very reasonable prices too!

Check out the cool travel quiz that My Adventure Store created… I didn't do too bad. I know I will be able to answer every question correctly after our trip to Africa. See you there!

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