House-Sitting in Taipei, Taiwan

A Rare Photo Of Valkyrie and Nimble Together

We were so lucky to score house-sitting gigs in Taipei, Taiwan. Seriously lucky! Our hosts weren't exactly sure what date they would be leaving their property for a holiday in the United States so they organised a week for us at one of their friend's houses.

For one week we stayed in an apartment in Tianmu which is a suburb of Taipei, Taiwan. While we were stationed here we hung out with Lulu and Shauny, two awesome cats who shed a lot of white hair. Apart from the shedding they were great fur-friends to hang out with.

Lulu And Shauny Kept Us Company In Tienmu, Taipei, Taiwan

Our roles at the Tianmu place was nothing more than to be friends to Lulu and Shauny. Their owner was away, also in the United States. While she was away the maid would come by every day and feed and clean up after the fur-kids. All we had to do was play with the cats, brush them and talk to them.

We had a great time in Tianmu. The apartment was lovely, spacious and very clean. We weren't used to such large living quarters and enjoyed the couch, wifi and cable TV immensely!

Thank you Rosie for letting us stay and if you ever want pet-sitters for Shauny and Lulu while you are away in the future, get in contact with us. We would love to come back and enjoy their company and live in Tianmu again.

After Tianmu we headed to Beitou, land of hot springs. We stayed in a very comfortable little apartment on the third floor looking out over rolling green jungle style forests. The view from the lounge room was breath taking.

Nimble, Being Sweet, One of The Sugar Gliders In Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan

In Beitou we looked after Valkyrie and Nimble, two little sugar gliders that are very adorable but a little naughty. From day two or perhaps three, we called them our kids. They acted just like little children who would use their cuteness to try and get away with their naughtiness!

We learnt a lot about sugar gliders during the five awesome weeks we stayed in their home. They aren't really cuddly creatures but if you pat them while they are gnawing on something, they will be happy. We had a bit of trouble finding foods – fruit and vegetables – that they gliders seemed to like. The list of foods that we thought the gliders would like turned out a bit wrong. We thought they would love cherries, they didn't. The do love eating sultanas though. Oh, and green peas although we could only feed them a couple of those a night every four days.

The Glider Kids – Valkyrie and Nimble's Play Area We Created

While the sugar gliders were sleeping during the day, we would spend the time exploring Taipei and the surrounding areas and using the kitchen and laundry facilities in the apartment. Andrew and I had a great time coming up with various meals we could cook for each other with very few ingredients. Our favourite meals we cooked during this time included stove-top pizza, rice pudding, pancakes, and green tea risotto.

House-sitting in Taipei has been a wonderful experience. We have had to pay the telephone and internet bill but were able to do that at the local 7-11. How handy is that?! You can pay your bills while you pick up a carton of asparagus milk. We bought some but never got around to drinking it.

Thank you Kristin and Spencer for letting us come and stay at your place and hang out with your fur-kids. If you want house-sitters in the future, let us know!

House-Sitting and Pet-Sitting in Taipei, Taiwan, has been a wonderful experience!

Valkyrie, Not Being Photogenic, One Of The Sugar Gliders In Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan


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