Maggie, Rupert And Their Best Friends
Maggie, Rupert And Their Best Friends

While we were back in Australia Andrew and I accepted a house-sitting gig twenty minutes from my family. The house and pets in Millbridge, Western Australia were ours to care for for three weeks. It is a newish suburb just out of Bunbury. It's around ten years old with manicured gardens surrounding display homes of all shapes and sizes.

We stayed in an ex-display home complete with gorgeous furnishings and equally gorgeous miniature schnauzers named Maggie and Rupert.

Ahh, Maggie and Rupert. How we miss you two! These two little things were brilliant to look after.  Every morning, the fur-kids sat on their little red mat and waited until we fed them. We then brushed their hair and teeth and cleaned their little eyes. The first couple of mornings we were a little weirded out by giving the dogs beauty treatments but the dogs were very well behaved and quite happy to be handled. I've never met dogs that like having their teeth brushed before.

After the morning routine Maggie and Rupert would spend the day lazing about chasing the sun out the back or laying on the couches inside. These dogs had the life!

Walking the fur-kids was hilarious. For tiny little things they certainly loved to run around getting us and their leads all tangled up. I'm not sure who got the most exercise, them or us, but it was very enjoyable.  Note the very fashionable outfit I'm wearing in this photo!

Walking The Fur-Kids In Millbridge
Walking The Fur-Kids In Millbridge

Andrew and I really enjoyed our time in Millbridge. You did need a car to get around. There are a few bus routes but they are few and far between. We had to walk a good half hour (or more) to get milk. That was a bit annoying. However, as we were a little isolated, the nights were very quiet.

We did a lot of cooking while we hung out in Millbridge. Our meals normally consisted of meat, meat and more meat with a side serving of steamed vegetables. It's bizarre what your body can crave after spending a lot of time in different countries. I don't think we ate rice once. Our favourite dish to cook was a Spanish inspired one-pan-wonder huevos rancheros. Delicious!

One Pan Wonder - Huevos Rancheros
One Pan Wonder – Huevos Rancheros

Andrew and I would happily come back to Millbridge to hang out with Maggie and Rupert again. These little guys enjoyed our company just as much as we enjoyed theirs. They slept in their little bed at the end of our bed. They loved to sit next to us on the couch. They loved us as much as we loved them although they quickly abandoned us as soon as their mum and dad walked in the door 😀

Thank you Jenny and Ian for letting us stay in your fantastic place, drinking delicious coffee from your awesome coffee machine, laying around on your comfy couch watching way too much television, and of course, looking after your fur-kids!

Our first photo with Maggie and Rupert
Our first photo with Maggie and Rupert

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3 thoughts on “House-Sitting in Millbridge with Maggie and Rupert

  1. House sitting sounds like a great idea! A friend of my aunt’s lived in a cramped little apartment. She used to house sit for rich people because she enjoyed living in their sumptuous homes for a couple of weeks.

  2. I’d really like to try house sitting sometime. It looks like a great way to slow down and enjoy an area without breaking the bank.

    1. Hi Tim, YES! House-sitting is perfect for staying in an expensive place for a while. We have recently completed a 6 week gig in Singapore. You could imagine how much 6 weeks of accommodation would have cost us!

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