Family Fun At The Mandurah Foreshore

Tanya's Family April 2013 Mandurah
Tanya's Family April 2013 Mandurah

When we were younger, family holidays were the norm. Mum, dad, me and my three sisters would pack up our gear, cram it all into the boot and head to some caravan near a beach somewhere. Those were the days. As adults family holidays don't seem to happen as often, if at all.

My parents decided that we all deserved a family holiday together. Originally, we were going to head to Bali for a couple of weeks of pure pampering in a family friendly resort but that wasn't going to work for everyone. Instead we all packed up our husbands and children, if you had them, and went to Mandurah.

Mum and dad picked the best hotel possible with everything we could ever need. The Sebel hotel overlooked a harbour front with numerous restaurants, shops and a playground within walking distance. Oh, and a pub ten metres away. Perfect!

For four fantastic days, we all stayed in an awesome hotel, went out to eat, or cooked in the penthouse apartment. We also travelled to Perth on the local bus and train, spent the afternoon shopping in all the cool-kid happening clothing stores.

Most importantly, we had a lot of quality family time.

Thank you mum and dad for bringing four daughters, three husbands, five granddaughters and two grandsons together for four glorious days.


2 thoughts on “Family Fun At The Mandurah Foreshore

  1. Hi Guys,
    It was great to see you had a fab time in Mandurah with the entire family. I hope you’re all keeping well and are enjoying the July school holidays.
    Love to all Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy!!!! Fancy having you message us through our site 🙂 All the kids have certainly enjoyed their time off from school. A couple of them even went to the snow! Lucky ducks! I hope everyone is great at your end too 🙂

      Tanya and Andrew xxx

      (I removed your full name and the other ones that you had written just so you know!)

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