Joe’s Chilli Dogs In Bunbury, Western Australia

Inside The Number 8 Chilli Dog From Joe's Pizza House In Bunbury
Super spicy chilli dogs, a leading cause of out of focus photographs

WARNING: This post is not for vegans, gluten free, raw foodies, fat free, paleo dieters… the list goes on… This post is for people who will eat anything that is put in front of them, no matter how unhealthy it is ie us.

Introducing… The famous Chilli Dog from Joe's Pizza House in Bunbury, West Australia!

Many years ago, ok, like eighteen years ago, I used to eat these chilli dogs after a night out with my friends. It was a tradition of ours. Go to a party or a pub, get tanked, and then by any means possible, head over to Joe's Pizza House for a chilli dog. These things are better than kebabs so they were worth the walk.

I haven't had one since. Whilst I have ordered countless takeaways and food deliveries from restaurants around Perth over the years, I have often had flavour memories pop into my mouth and head over the years. It was about time I headed back to the pizza shop to see if they were as good as I remembered.

Making Joe's Chilli Dog

The staff at the pizza joint flatten pizza dough then top it with pizza sauce, ham, sausage and cheese. It wouldn't be a chilli dog without chilli so they add their special chilli paste to your liking. How much is up to you and you can specify hotness anywhere from 1 – 10. We got one each. Mine was a four, Andrew's was an eight. Four was quite warm. Eight was a fiery, sweaty brow inducing challenge even for someone who really likes chilli.

All of the fillings are folded over into a nice roll of fatty spicy goodness and then baked in a pizza oven until cooked through. Here is the end result. Behold!!

Joe's Chilli Dog

The first bite was unbelievable. So meaty. So spicy. All of a sudden I was transported back to my very late teens. I felt like I was nineteen again. All giddy and young.

After awhile I started to feel quite full. There is a lot of fat and carbs in every bite and these bad boys are big. I needed a break so I stopped eating and had Andrew take a photo of me with the chilli dog and a bottle of Passion Pop borrowed from a group of Korean tourists at the next table. I told them that next time they had to get the original and best Passionfruit Passion Pop.

Joe's Chilli Dog and Passion Pop

I think I got through about half of the chilli dog before I started to feel ill. Half a chilli dog probably equals half a large pizza. The other half of the chilli dog was even more delicious the next morning after it had been microwaved.

Would I have one again? Maybe in another eighteen years time. I didn't feel very good the next day but that could have just been something to do with the volume I ate rather than what I ate. Maybe I do want another one…

To get a chilli dog like the one I had head to Joe's Pizza House, 84 Spencer Street in Bunbury. They open at around 5pm and are open till late. You may be waiting about 40 minutes for one as this place gets busy.Click here for the Joe's Pizza Menu.

This may not be as glamorous as eating sushi in Japan or as thrilling as eating crickets in Thailand but there are food adventures to be had no matter where you are in the world.

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  1. One thing that really anoyed me in Australia was the shitty food at smoko shops.. Battered sausages, salt and vinegar chicken strips, pies, pies, sausage rolls and more pies.. I could have done with a Chilli dog! If you guys get the chance, there is a band called the Brow Horn Orchestra from Perth who play gigs all over.. So much fun.. They are awesome!

  2. You should take part in a competition for one of the greatest blogs on the internet. I will recommend this site!

  3. As en X Bunbury guy living in Vic now, I too miss these Chilli Dogs! Still trying to make them at home but cant compete with the real thing.

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