Have Baby Will Travel – Nappy / Diaper Bag Edition

Boken Everday Diaper Bag


It surprises us on a daily basis with how much stuff we have to carry around just for Zoe.

In a nappy bag of some sort we have – nappies, wipes, cream, change of clothes, disposable nappy bags, hand sanitiser, lip balm (for us), tissues, change mat and breast pads. That is in the small bag. That bag goes wherever we go. Even if it is just across the road to the store for milk.

Then we have the big diaper bag. In here you will find the small nappy bag plus a merino blanket, a baby carrier (sometimes two), a few toys, another change of clothes, a hat, more tissues, an umbrella and a bottle of water. Occasionally her travel play may too.

Babies certainly need a lot of stuff. I thought people were making it up. We can’t wait until Zoe is old enough to carry her own stuff in her own backpack!

As with all of our stuff, we are quite picky when it comes to nappy bags. We don’t carry a lot of stuff so we are very selective about what things get added to our packing list.

In no particular order here are the ones we have tried out so far. Some have been supplied by manufacturers who are fans of our site but, just to be clear, all thoughts are entirely our / my own, whether good or bad.

This list will also be added to as I try out new nappy / diaper bags…

Boken Hip Bag



Boken Hip Pack in Slate

A Hip Pack is just a fancy name for a bum bag / fanny pack. We love it! This is our main nappy bag that comes with us wherever we go. It is extremely lightweight, and somewhat rainproof. It can be slung over the shoulder, worn around the waist, put in the bottom section of the pram, placed in the bigger nappy bag. You name it, it rocks.

As this bag folds down into itself, there is a handy pocket inside where we keep the change pad. This is held within the main pocket where we keep 6 nappies (at the moment), a ziploc bag full of wipes, mini tissue pack, a change of clothes in case of any poo-splosions, a thin wrap, a pen, nappy disposal bags, and a toy.

There are two pockets on the outside of the bag. One is the perfect size for a mobile phone and is held down with velcro. This is where I keep my breast pads and iPhone when necessary. The other pocket has a zip and can fit my lip gloss, wallet, keys and hand sanitiser.

The hip pack is very full but we can still jam other things in it if need be.

What would make this bag perfect for me is if there was another pocket inside the bag. A key clip or two would also be great on the outside of the bag.

To top off the awesomeness of this nappy bag, I have used it as a breastfeeding pillow while out and about. It is the perfect height for Zoe to sit or lay on while I feed her. No more sore arms when away from the comfort of the pillows at home.

I really love this bag. Boken, thank you for being awesome and making our lives easier!

Tanya and Zoe on Boken Hip Pack

Boken Hip Bag Full



Andrew Boken Backpack Pram Park

Boken Every Day Diaper Bag in Slate

This bag is from the same maker as the Hip Pack from above. It is also extremely lightweight, packs down to next to nothing and at the same time has heaps of features and room to put everything in it!

Not only is it a tote, it is a backpack, cross shoulder bag, over the shoulder bag, and has loops that you can hook onto your pram with. Highly versatile and lovely to look at.

The bag comes with a changing mat which is truly a lovely feature.

I do love this bag but I am just not sure it is everything I want in a nappy bag. I used it a lot while pregnant and it was perfect for carrying everything that Andrew and I needed at the time. Adding Zoe’s stuff just makes the bag a little too bulky and heavy for my liking.

Even though it isn’t any heavier than the Boken Hip Pack, it feels heavier. It is unfortunately just not very comfortable once its full of stuff.

The features of the bag include two small zip pockets at the front which are perfect for lip balms, pens, muesli bars, tissues and wipes. Inside the bag there is another zipped pocket, which is the what you stuff the bag into. I use this pocket to hold my wallet, keys and phone.

The main pocket is also separated by a low mesh wall of fabric. This is so that the changing mat is on one side and everything else is in the other side.  Two adult jumpers, the Boken hip pack, a blanket, and a baby carrier fit comfortably in the main part of the bag.

One side has a velcro pocket that isn’t quite long enough to take my 500ml water bottle but which is perfect for holding an umbrella. The other side has a stretchy mesh pocket that does hold my water bottle.

When I use this backpack, I take the hip pack and place it in the backpack along with any other bits and pieces. Being able to grab our smaller nappy bag and a few extra items before running out the door certainly is convenient but I just don’t feel as though I can wear this bag for a long time. Especially if I have Zoe on the front and the backpack on my back.

Still, it is a brilliant bag. I adored it when I was pregnant. So pretty and it fitted everything that I needed. I will be taking it with me to Europe (and beyond) as it is lovely enough to use at a tote bag when eating out if need be. Plus, it has D rings on the sides of the bag so it can hook straight to the pram.

Boken really do make fantastic bags!

Boken Everyday Folded Up on Babyzen Yoyo

Pacsafe Nappy Diaper Backpack

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Backpack

This is definitely not a diaper / nappy bag but we have found that this backpack works the best for us. Mostly because there is more shoulder support therefore I am able to wear it longer. Especially when I am wearing Zoe on the front.

The main pocket is big enough to fit the Boken Hip Pack inside it, a baby carrier, a blanket, two adult jumpers, Zoe’s itsy bitsy jumper and three hats.

Either side of the bag are stretch pockets. One fits my water bottle perfectly, the other our umbrella.

On the front is a zippered compartment that can be locked by the use of a hidden clip. I keep my wallet, phone, muesli bars, pens, tissues etcetera in there.

Due to its colour and being a straight backpack, this bag is certainly going to stand out if I wear this into a fine dining restaurant but it does the job for every other occasion.

Unfortunately this nappy / diaper backpack isn’t particularly cheap. We use this as a laptop bag as well as a nappy bag. When we are travelling places, the laptops go in it. When we are settled, it turns into the nappy bag. We have got our money’s worth out of it but if you just want a straight nappy bag it might be a bit expensive.

Pacsafe for life!


Onya Side Bag

Onya Side Bag

Although we actually use this on our pram, we are still going to class this as a nappy / diaper bag as it is pretty awesome. The bag is extremely lightweight and has an adjustable strap that can be made as short or as long as you require. The bag also folds up into its own tiny little bag.

We use this bag primarily strung over the handlebar of our pram (stroller / buggy) and when it is empty, it folds right up into the hood. Handy.

Thumbs up for its prettiness too. I can certainly wear this out on the town.

So, how do we use it? Well, when we leave our place, and the pram is folded up as we have to go down stairs, the bag holds the nappy hip bag, three hats, Zoe’s cardigan, a blanket, an umbrella, bottle of water, sunscreen, bits and pieces.

We then transfer the nappy bag, umbrella and bottle of water to their spots on the pram, hang the bag over the handlebar, and then we have a pretty bag that can be used for other purposes. Holding more crap most likely.

Very handy.

Onya Side Bags


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