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We have left Perth! Ok, not forever but we have finally packed our bags and headed off on our next adventure. It was a hard slog getting ourselves together and onto the plane to Bangkok but we did it. The three of us, one pram/buggy/stroller, two backpacks and one mega giant 24kg wheelie bag. What ever happened to our lightweight carry-on only lifestyle? Thanks Zoe. Lucky you are so adorable.

We already miss those days. Life was certainly easier then. Just the two of us with our carry on luggage. We could be packed and out the door in a matter of minutes. Now packing is more of a long term project that needs to be chipped away at over time. And even with the massive check-in bag, Andrew and I actually had to reduce the amount of things we have so we could fit all of Zoe's stuff. For such a little person she sure needs a lot of stuff!

With our bags jammed full of stuff Andrew, Zoe and I left Perth for a week in Bangkok. A week is rather short for us but we needed to get on our way and just have a bit of a holiday. We already known Bangkok quite well so there was no need to be out doing touristy stuff. Instead we splashed out on a flash hotel and settled in to get the most out of our time there.

Hanging Out In Our Hotel Room In Bangkok

Bangkok - Us On The Walkway

After our week in Bangkok soaking up some much-needed warmth and humidity as well as eating some delicious food from the executive floor buffet at our hotel we headed back to the airport.

Our next flight, from Bangkok to London, was way too long with a baby. Without a baby you watch a few movies, eat some food, take a nap and you are there. With a baby its more like feed the baby, change the baby, hold baby while baby sleeps, repeat. We have a really good baby too. 12 hours is just way too long! We are now figuring out how we are going to get back home (ie back to Asia) without having to take any flights quite that long.

The Joys Of Flying With A Baby!

Once in London we spent the night in an hotel room/shoebox at Heathrow airport before flying on to Edinburgh the next day. Although the break was nice it did drag out the whole thing. The chance to have a shower and to lie flat for a while was pretty damn luxurious however.

London Heathrow - Yotel Accommodation

Anyhow, we are here now and that is all that matters. A month in Edinburgh where we have rented a lovely flat for our stay, a train trip south followed by a month in London. And then… who knows? Spain for Christmas probably. Europe is way too large with too many opportunities.

Edinburgh - Our Home Is On The Fourth Floor Of The Brown Building

Edinburgh - It's Cold Here

Where would you go with a very young family?

Any recommendations that are less than twelve hours flight away?


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  1. Well hello’
    I will be following your magictravelblog more closely. Good to have the photos as well. Glad Zoe has been such a help. It will get better.

  2. Just came across your website by chance and somehow we have practically all the same baby gear! Boken, Babyzen (grey!), Deryan popup travel cot. We use a victorinox carryon (e-motion 360), but essentially we are babygear dopplegangers. If you’re ever in London again, would love to grab a coffee!

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