What’s In Our Bags – Asia 2013

Our Bags - Asia 2013
Our Bags – Asia 2013


We've been on the road a long time now. One of the recurring targets for people's curiosity is our stuff. Everything from “how much stuff do you have with you?” to “is that seriously all you have?”

Today, we are going to show you our bags and what is in them while we travel around Asia.

This article will therefore be known as What's In Our Bags – Asia 2013 Edition.



Let Us Start With The Bags Themselves.

Between the two of us, we have:

  • TWO Pacsafe 21″ Toursafe Carry On Bags
    Not backpacks as we are now post-backpackers, better known as flash-packers. We eventually got tired of carrying our stuff everywhere.
    Check out the review post  about the bags which includes a classy video!
    Buy from here world wide.
  • Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Backpack
    Airlines typically allow you one item of carry-on plus either a handbag or a laptop bag. This is our laptop bag.
    Buy from here world wide.
  • Grey man bag from somewhere in Bangkok
  • Love heart girl bag from somewhere in Asia

All bags are strictly carry on only. They are semi-lightweight, fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane and can stand between our legs comfortably on most buses.

When we fly Andrew has his wheelie bag, the laptop bag and his shoulder bag. Tanya has her wheelie bag. Her shoulder bag gets packed away.

While checking in, boarding etc Tanya carries the shoulder bag so we comply with carry on requirements.


All Packed Up And Raring To Go Somewhere

Our Bags Asia 2013 Packed
Our Bags Asia 2013 Packed


Andrew's bag is the black one on the right, Tanya's is the steel blue in the middle. The backpack and man bag are both worn by Andrew. Tanya has an easy travel life really.

The backpack holds our laptops, kindles and anything ultra valuable while we travel. It fits perfectly under the seat in front of us on the plane. It is then used as a day pack when we are hanging out in a place.

It has a few handy security features like material that's hard to cut and latches on the zips that mean we can worry less in crowded places.

Inside Andrew's Packed Bag Asia 2013
Inside Andrew's Packed Bag
Inside Tanya's Packed Bag Asia 2013
Inside Tanya's Packed Bag



Inside Andrew's Bag Unpacked Asia 2013
The Contents of Andrew's Bag

What Is In Andrew's Bag?

  • Two little pillows for when the provided pillows aren't suitable. One is even curved… oooh!
  • The black store all cube. Described below
  • Our flip flops for inside our place / shower / toilet / by the pool
  • Electronics bag
  • Power cables for our laptops
  • Pacsafe Cable to lock our awesome bag to the toilet.
  • One pair of dressier Keen Mercer Ballerina shoes for Tanya
  • One pair of Keen McKenzie shoes for Andrew.


Inside Tanya's Bag Unpacked Asia 2013
The Contents of Tanya's Bag

What Is In Tanya's Bag?

  • Merino Pullover for Andrew
  • Zip up hoodie for Tanya
  • Two blue Clothing Cubes
  • The black Beauty & Things Cube
  • Girl Bag that only sometimes gets used but still good to have.

The cubes are actually freezer bags that you are meant to take on picnics. They're the same height as a can of beer or soft drink. They're cheap, tough and hold their shape.

Clothes Cubes Full Asia 2013
Clothes Cubes Full. No beer.

What Is In The Clothing Cubes?

We have two clothing cubes. One that consists of the clothing that we wear often. The other holds clothing that is only worn every now and then but we kind of need them anyhow.

Tanya's Clothing  / Girly / Footwear List

  • Black zip up hoodie
  • Three bras which includes one worn as a bikini top
  • Bikini bottom
  • Swimming tank top
  • Swimming dress. A cheap light weight dress than can be worn to and from the beach and even while swimming if so desired.
  • Five pairs of knickers / panties / undies / jocks
  • Five t-shirts / tops that are semi dressy
  • Long black travel pants
  • Pair of 3/4 travel pants that have been worn nearly every day for two years
  • Knee length skirt
  • House dress
  • One pair of knee length socks and one pair of ankle socks
  • Headband
  • Necklace
  • Belt
  • Keen dressy slip on ballerina style shoes
  • Keen Venice H2 awesome sandals
  • Flip flops


Andrew's Clothing  / Footwear List

Our Trusty Keen Shoes Asia 2013
Seriously the greatest footwear ever invented



Inside The Beauty & Things Bag Asia 2013
Inside The Beauty & Things Bag Asia 2013

What Is Inside The Beauty & Things Cube?

  • Astro and Uran
  • Travel Electric Kettle so we can always make ourselves tea and cups of noodles.
  • Two cups for tea that can go into a microwave or dishwasher if necessary
  • Two sporks
  • A mini roll of gaffa tape that can be used to fix annoying shower heads
  • An elastic exercise strap complete with pictures
  • Ziplock bag of multi-vitamins (surprisingly no one has ever looked twice at this)
  • Ziplock bag of medicine. Aspirin, antibiotics etc
  • Ziplock bag of less than 100ml sized toiletries, toothbrushes etc
  • Hair ties
  • Comb, tweezers, nail clippers, ear cleaners, pens
  • Two travel towels (like these)


Inside The Store All Cube Asia 2013
Inside The Store All Cube Asia 2013

What Is In The Store All Cube?

  • Tanya's hat
  • Andrew's hat
  • Fold up shoulder bag
  • Knee and ankle strap for when Tanya's knee or ankle gets sore
  • Vaccination books
  • Two fold up coat hangers
  • Two stretchy clothes lines
  • Universal sink plug
  • Mini hair straightener (you read right!)
  • Two king sized flat sheets
  • A little bag that consists of business cards, a lighter, a mirror, sewing kit, door stopper, emergency water filter
  • Extra zip lock bags of various sizes
Electronics Bag Asia 2013
Electronics Bag Asia 2013

What Is In The Electronics Bag?

  • Bag of various cables. Why does every device need a different cable?
  • Bear Extenders. USB wifi antennas for when the wifi signal is weak. One for mac, one for Windows/Ubuntu
  • Mini adsl / 3G wifi router. Read more here.
  • Cordless wireless mouse and extra batteries
  • Tiny mouse with super thin retractable cord (no batteries required!)
  • USB flash drives of various sizes. One is purely for use at internet / print cafes
  • USB Passport Hard Drive
  • Spare battery for camera
  • Bag of sims from around the world and sim pin
  • Mini light to use in an emergency
  • Pen
  • Headphones with inbuilt microphones


What Else – Things That Haven't Been Photographed?

  • Two Kindle touches (I want Paperwhite 3G ones now)
  • Power board with two plug and two usb ports. With a powerboard you only need one plug adaptor.
  • Mini universal power plug convertor
  • iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3G
  • 11″ Apple Mac Air for Tanya
  • 13″ Acer Laptop for Andrew
  • Sony DSC-TX10 Camera
  • Little bottles of hand sanitizer for when soap isn't available
  • Each of our shoulder bags has a children's headlamp in it. They're small, only cost a few bucks are are adequate to get through a power cut.


That Is It! Everything We Need Fits In Our Little Bags!

You really don't need much to live your life in comfort. Rather than accumulating stuff we seem to need less and less as time goes by…

You can buy most of the products we use like the Pacsafe bags and the Keen footwear from Travel Universe in Australia or Amazon world wide. If you buy through any of those links, we will get a tiny commission. Perhaps enough to buy us a pineapple shake when we are next in Thailand.

Andrew Carrying Up The Pacsafe Toursafe Bags The Stairs
Andrew Carrying All The Bags Up The Stairs


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  1. The freezer bag tip looks interesting we should give it a try! Interesting how each body is finding his own solutions and carry things that you wouldn’t expect!

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