The Great Foiling Of 2011

For another week and a half we still have jobs. Offices, desktop computers, a coffee machine, the whole bit. And while we're eagerly counting down the days until we depart on our next adventure there are some silver linings to showing up to an office everyday. After all, if we were already on the road we wouldn't have witnessed what happens when the boss man isn't in the office for a few days.

Apparently his stuff gets covered in alfoil (aluminium foil). I did not see that coming.

the alfoiling begins
the alfoiling begins


alfoiling of the desk is complete
alfoiling of the desk is complete


alfoiling almost done
almost done…


alfoil man of mystery does his dirty work
mystery man does his dirty work




If you're going to do something do it well


their commitment is admirable


alfoil from above


Now to make sure the cleaners don't undo all that hard work


job done


Sadly there is no great reaction shot to be had. Photos of all of this were forwarded all over the place and it appears that someone accidentally sent them to the owner of the alfoil covered desk.

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