Things To Do In Kings Park

Looking for things to do in Kings Park
Looking for things to do in Kings Park

Kings Park in Perth is an amazing place. It is a sprawling interconnected series of parks, botanic gardens, playgrounds and preserved bush land. It is so large it can be hard to know exactly where to go. Too many people arrive then just kind of mill around the grassy area near the state war memorial apparently unaware of the vastness of the park they are standing in. To help anyone thinking of visiting we have prepared a list of things to do in King's Park.

Take The Kids To A Playground

There are a few options to choose from here. As an added bonus cafes are scattered throughout the park so you are never too far from a snack and a cup of tea or coffee. Details of the cafes are below but first here are the playgrounds.

Synergy Park

Synergy Parkland is comprised of a man-made island, a wooden elevated playground, dinosaurs to clamber all over and large grassy areas so there is plenty of space to spread out. Bring your frisbee, football or whatever.

Synergy Parkland is located on May Drive. It is well within King's Park so you probably only want to consider it if you have your own transport or if you have time for quite a big walk. On the upside King's Park is very pleasant to walk around.

Be aware that the island is surrounded by shallow water (which is what makes it an island) so be sure to closely supervise young children. The playground itself is more suited to slightly older children, say six and older, so you will need to look after younger children throughout.

Zamia Cafe is available to supply any food or drinks you might require.

The Kings Park Lotterywest Family Area

Here you will find The Ivey Watson Playground which is a great playground for under 6s. It is fenced, contains a variety of slides, swings, climbing frames etc and there are large shade sails to keep the Australian sun at bay.

Stickybeaks Cafe is nearby so you can grab a coffee and something to eat.

state war memorial in kings park plus a view of the city
The state war memorial in Kings Park and the city below

The Grassy Area Near the State War Memorial

Although not technically a playground there is a large grassy area around the State War Memorial. Although the ground is sloped there is a huge area for picnics, the kids can run around, there is room for playing football or whatever else you like.

Lots of open space to play in Kings Park
Plenty of room to run around

This area also happens to be particularly scenic and it is a great place to get a good view of the city and the river. That brings us to our next item.

the view of the Perth city center from Kings Park
the view of the Perth city center from Kings Park

Admire the Kings Park View

Being in an elevated position on top of a steep rise above the Perth city center and the Swan River, Kings Park has some spectacular views. Whether it is during the day or night, if you come to Perth, do yourself a favor and make this a stop on your trip.

jacobs ladder kings park
Jacob's Ladder near King's Park

Work Out On Jacob's Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is located at the end of Cliff Street near the north east corner of Kings Park. It is an enormous set of stairs that takes you from the park overlooking the city down to Mounts Bay Road far below.

You can of course use the stairs as a way to get from the riverfront area below and the park above but most people use it purely for exercise purposes. Every day there will be an array of mostly very fit people walking and jogging up and down the stairs. Try it out if you want an intense leg workout and cardio session.

Relax At A Kings Park Cafe

If you are after a cafe in kings park there are actually three for you to choose from. All of them are located near playgrounds or other attractions for your convenience.

Stickybeaks Cafe

Near the Lotterywest Family area which includes the Ivey Watson Playground. It is just off Kulunga Grove, which is itself just off Kings Park Road which runs along the the north side of the park. You will find hot chips, pies, burgers, muffins, coffee etc. It is an affordable option. Perfect for grabbing something to eat while the kids play.

Botanical Cafe, perfect spot for a coffee in Kings Park
Plenty of outdoor seating at Botanical Cafe

Botanical Cafe

This is near Frasers restaurant and the state war memorial. Although it is a bit far up the hillside for really great views you can still somewhat see the city and Swan river. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The menu is reasonably fancy. Vietnamese pork burger, salmon steak with cous cous salad, goats cheese pizza, you get the idea. Great if you want something interesting and healthy but not so great if you just want something cheap to feed the whole family.

Zamia Cafe

Located at Synergy Parkland. It has a beautiful view of the lake and picnic areas. They are open for breakfast and lunch. Their menu consists of cakes, muffins etc and they have a kids menu with pizza, hotdogs etc. Filling affordable food for when you have a pack of hungry children to feed.

WA Botanic Garden in Kings Park
One of the thousands of unusual plants in the WA Botanic Garden

Explore The WA Botanic Garden

The King's Park Botanic Garden contains over 3000 varieties of flora (ie plants) that are specific to the state. It covers a huge area so do not expect to absorb everything but it is a beautiful place to simply wander for a while. You can find it by walking south west from the State War Memorial.

If you want something more structured and would like someone to show you around there are FREE guided tours, three times a day. Click here for info on free guided tours of King's Park and the Botanic Gardens.

Federation Walkway in Kings Park
Federation Walkway in Kings Park

Keep an eye out for the Lotterywest Federation walkway, an elevated glass walkway that allows you to walk through the tree canopy, and Gija Jumulu, a very large boab tree transported from the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Gija Jumulu, a boab tree from the Kimberley region of WA
A boab tree transported all the way from the Kimberley region

How To Get To Kings Park

The free red cat bus gets you close to the main entrance to Kings Park. The free blue cat bus also comes close to Kings Park but you have to either climb Jacob's Ladder or walk up the very steep Mount Street. Not too bad if you are in reasonable shape and not carrying too much stuff.

Various Transperth buses can get you to Kings Park but which bus you should take depends entirely on where you are coming from. Consult the Transperth site or Google Maps to find out which bus you need.

Of course you can always drive if you have access to a vehicle.

Kings Park Accommodation

If you want to stay near Kings Park there is a variety of accommodation available. Ultimately Kings Park is accessible from anywhere near the Perth city center but there is certainly accommodation right on its doorstep.

Sullivans Hotel

Limited parking but an excellent location for exploring the Perth city center, the Swan river front and Kings Park on foot. Due to its busy location it can be noisy so it may not be great if you are a very light sleeper.
Click here to get current prices and more info

King's Park Motel

A basic but well maintained motel very near Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. Be aware that it is on the far side of King's Park from the Perth city center. Everything is easily accessible if you have your own transport or if you do not mind catching the bus or taxis.
Click here to get current prices and more info

The Richardson Hotel & Spa

A more luxurious option if you want something more comfortable. Located slightly away from the city center but only a few blocks from the Lotterywest family area. You can expect peace and quiet while still being able to access both Kings Park and the city center. The city will require either a twenty minute stroll or transport.
Click here for current prices and more info


King's Park is visited by a huge proportion of people visiting Perth for good reason. It show cases many of the most beautiful elements of the Western Australian environment. If you are looking for things to do in Perth with kids or just want to see the Swan River, the city skyline and to get a taste of the local natural environment Kings Park is a wonderful way to experience it all, just a few minutes from the Perth city center.

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