Escape a Mundane Life And Teach English in Thailand

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If you don't know me already, my name is Andrew. I run this site with my wife Tanya. Back in 2009 my wife and I felt like we were wasting away in front of our computers. We pressed pause on our IT careers, packed our bags and spent a fantastic year teaching English in Thailand.

Neither of us had taught before. We spent a year exploring another country, having amazing experiences and had our eyes opened to what is possible.

Ayutthaya 12

After our year living in Thailand we returned home and successfully resumed our careers. Taking a break and seeing the world does NOT have to harm your career. In 2011 we made another big move when we returned to Asia and have been traveling ever since!

Along the way we have had to deal with lots of challenges, both big and small. We have spent years learning to deal with everything from visa conditions to Thai landlords and tuk tuk drivers. To make life easier for others wanting to go and experience life in Thailand we have taken all that knowledge and bundled it into a 38 page guide to teaching English in Thailand. Now you can learn the easy way.

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I sincerely believe that most people can do something like Tanya and I have done. If you are reading this, it is because you want more out of life or because you want a new direction. I want you to have more experiences, to have more fun and to have more adventure.

Your days do not have to be spent sitting in an office, looking forward to a distant vacation. Great food, warm weather, and a relaxed lifestyles are all waiting for you right now.

You can do it and I can show you how.

What Is In the Guide?

The guide contains 38 pages of detailed information and concrete steps for you to take.

Advice on Pausing Your Current Career

Help Selecting a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Course

Detailed information about finding accommodation and life in Thailand

A description of the regions of Thailand for you to consider

Notes on Thai Culture

Advice on getting an English teaching job

Our last look of Koh Tao

What is an E-book?

The Teaching English in Thailand Guide is a PDF file that you should be able to view on any computer.

All you have to do is fill out the form below.

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How much does it cost?

Nothing. All you have to do is subscribe to this site and you will receive the guide free of charge. The download link is in the subscription confirmation email. You can unsubscribe any time.

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