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6 thoughts on “Follow Our Adventure And Get Free Stuff!

  1. I left the UK for a holiday to the other side of the world. My plan was to do the south east Asian circuit in one month. That was more than 15 years ago. I found Thailand and I stayed here. More than 15 years later and my one months travel is still going on!

    Nice to find this good travel blog here by these lucky guys.

    1. Hi Andy! That is fantastic. We can totally relate to your story although we haven’t lived in Thailand for even close to 15 years! Maybe one day!

  2. Hi Tanya & Andrew,

    I just can across your blog and have enjoyed following your travels through your video.

    My wife and I will be heading to Ko Samui in Feb and your accommodation tips will come in handy.

    All the best over this festive season.


  3. Hi guys,
    I came across your packing video on & took a look. loved what you did. We live in Perth Aus, & are taking off on our first overseas adventure very soon. I’m not travelling as light as you but have downsized considerably to what I usually travel with within Australia. My blog is I’d love any other tips you have. We’re heading to Ireland, UK & Europe for 4 months. Probably midclass due to it being our first trip. I’ll be following your blog now. Great to see you’re in WA. 🙂

    1. Have an absolute ball! Our one BIG tip for longterm travelling is to pack less than you think you need. You won’t need it all! Plus, you can always buy it there if you really need something!

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