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In the heart of the Perth city center you will find Mantra on Murray Apartments. We spent a few nights there over new years eve and had a fabulous time. Even in your home town, staying in a hotel makes it feel like you are on holiday.

If you want accommodation that will give you access to Perth city and the various Perth attractions then Mantra on Murray is perfect. It is quite literally in the heart of the city. The hotel is 3 minutes walk to the Perth train station, 15 minutes walk to the Perth river front and 25 minutes walk to the spectacular King's Park which offers views over the city and the Swan River.

The rooms are large and comfortable. These are just about the most spacious rooms we have ever stayed in. There is more than enough room to swing a cat, if that is your thing. Accommodation in Perth tends to be expensive which translates into small rooms, so it was nice to stay somewhere that didn't feel claustrophobic.

Our room faced the rear of the property so it was extremely quiet regardless of the time of day. I am not sure what the rooms facing the street are like. We certainly appreciated the peace and quiet when new years day rolled around.

Wifi access was not included with the room and it was eye-wateringly expensive. This is fine if you are on a vacation but if you plan on working from your room you will want to check on the current price of wifi access and factor this into your calculations.

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A kitchenette is provided containing enough equipment for making tea and coffee and maybe a little light cooking. Being in the city your first choice for food however is getting out and seeing what Perth has to offer. Perth is an increasingly cosmopolitan city with a seemingly ever increasing number of bars and restaurants on offer.

We did not have much cause to deal with the staff beyond checking in and out, which seems like a sign of a smoothly running hotel. When we did interact with the staff they were friendly and fast.

The decor is clean and modern. This is not a character establishment so if you want old worldy, you probably want somewhere else. However if you want a clean, modern apartment style room while you visit Perth then Mantra on Murray Apartments is a great option.

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