Dinner At The Portuguese Village Melaka

30 minutes walk east from central Melaka (Malacca) is the Portuguese village, also known as the Portuguese Settlement. This is an area of town populated by the descendants of the Portuguese who ruled Melaka from 1511 to 1641. After so many centuries they have well and truly integrated with the only remaining visible difference being the many Christian symbols on the houses and the streets in a region that is dominated by Islam. It's amazing that they have continued to exist as a distinct group after so many centuries.

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The area felt more laid back than the rest of Melaka, which is already pretty laid back. Even the traffic was slower. It was nice to see people just pottering along instead of powering into blind corners. Lots of the streets were decorated and many houses had lights and statues in their front yard. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of good photos as we were there at night.

On the waterfront is a jetty and an open area of tables and chairs where a number of small restaurants serve seafood. The water is unfortunately too dirty for swimming in. Although I guess the food probably comes out of that same water… Best not to think too much about that. The food is a bit expensive by local standards but still very cheap compared to Australia and the extra money is worth it just for the sea breeze.

First we had a plate of scallops in a butter sauce


Then we had a spicy fish


We ate most of the fish before noticing the teeth on it


The scallops, fish and a fresh squeezed fruit juice each came to about $13. It was nice to be able to sit, feel the ocean breeze and look at the scenery.

the scenery

The walk out there was definitely worth it. Try to time your arrival so you're there at or around dusk. I don't think there's much happening there during the day due to the heat but at night it really picks up. Here is a link to our food map of Melaka.

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