Chiang Mai Walking Tour Map Revisited

Getting our feet massaged during our Chaing Mai Walking Tour

Chiang Mai, Thailand isn't a dinky town. It is a city. And a big city at that. Coming back to Chiang Mai after a two year hiatus surprised us. The city was just as beautiful as we remembered but a lot of new apartment buildings had gone up and a lot of new restaurants followed. But what hadn't changed were the key prominent tourist sites in Chiang Mai. They were all still there, just as beautiful and just as welcoming.

Many years ago, when we were living in Chiang Mai, we had a lot of family and friends come over and visit us. We were extremely lucky and enjoyed each and every visit. I think I miss those times. Showing people around the city we were calling home…

Anyways, because of the amount of visitors, I put together a little Chiang Mai Walking Tour Map. This map which can be found in the original post – Chiang Mai Walking Tour – and can be downloaded as a printable pdf.

It may be a little out of date, but still extremely versatile for those who may be visiting Chiang Mai in northern Thailand soon. The printable pdf includes a map and directions explaining some of the poignant features of Chiang Mai Old City.


Click here to go to the original post about the Chiang Mai Walking Tour I created back in 2009.

You are welcome to take yourself on this walking tour for free. If however you would like a handy dandy printable PDF containing a map and directions click here to purchase our Chiang Mai Walking Tour Mapfor $5.

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    1. Oh yes, a foot massage would be great right now… Ooh, I only have to walk 20 metres out of my hotel’s front door to do so (in Bangkok!)
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