The Good Things About Working From Home (Or By The Pool For That Matter)

Being location independent isn't all fun and games. In the next few weeks we will discuss both the good things and bad things about working from home (or by the pool for that matter). Five months in to our long term journey and we have certainly worked out what works for us and what doesn't. What is good about being location independent and what isn't?

This post is all about the positives of working from home, or in a cafe, or by the pool, or in bed. Whatever location you prefer. Just remember that it isn't all rosy all the time.

Bye Bye Commuting To The Office
Unless you live right next door to your work place it can take 30 to 60 minutes to get to work. Every work day. And then back home again. Location independent work, whether from home or in a cafe overseas, provides an opportunity to not go through this commute every day. The commute to the office is rarely productive or relaxing. Not doing it means more time to do whatever you want to do.

The extra hour or two you save from having to commute every day could be used to your favour. You could spend it outside jogging in the sunshine or you could spend the afternoon's commute time cooking an awesome meal for you and your family. Or you could just relax by the pool remembering those days when you were stuck on a bus, train or in a traffic jam in your car.

No more waking up unnaturally early
Gone are the days when the alarm clock jolts you awak at 6:15am, you have to get out of bed by 6:30am, out of the shower by 6:45am, fed by 7:00am, and commuting to work by 7:05am to make sure you are at work by 8:30am.

Bye bye alarm clock! Don't get us wrong, you still have to get out of bed. You still have to do your work. The difference is that, without the need to commute, you can either sleep in and still start work at the same time or get up early and get more stuff done. Your work is wherever you want to do it. At the kitchen table or at the local public library. You also have more control over when you start.

Just don't forget to set your alarm for that early morning meeting with your work-mates. Missing one of those because you slept in will not get you a lot of sympathy in the office!

Your piggy bank may get fatter
Scenario time: Every night you have the best intentions to get up every morning when your alarm goes off for the first time, be ready, and have time to sit down to a nice breakfast before you have to leave for work. Nine times out of ten, this never happens. Well, it never really happened for either of us anyway.

So, there you are, running out of your house, on your way to work without breakfast. Stopping at the coffee shop close to work, buying a large latte and a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast sounds good. All for the special price of $10. Yippee. Breakfast is sorted.

Then, you realise you forgot your lunch or you couldn't be bothered making your lunch the day before. There goes another $5 to $10 just on lunch alone.

In one day, you could easily spend $10 to $30 on food, just by going to work. If you are working at home, you would easily save money by drinking the coffee in your cupboard, eating the stale bread on the counter, and heating up last night's leftovers (or the $2 frozen pizza you found in the back of the freezer) for lunch. This all assumes you remember to go grocery shopping now and then.

Don't forget about the money you have saved from not having to commute each day. If you drive, the cost of petrol and mechanical repairs. If you catch public transport, the cost of your tickets.

Working from home or by the pool can certainly help you save money.

You can work in your underwear
Why bother dressing up when you don't have to. No more suits, ties, heels are needed at home. Instead, you can get out of bed, do a few stretches, and sit down at your computer while wearing your pyjamas (if you wear them).

However, if you often have video meetings with your bosses and work colleagues make sure to look presentable. Try to not look like a slob. And no one wants to see a naked IT worker showing off a physique that only many hours on a computer can give you.

Enough smiles and sunshine. What are the bad things about working from home?

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