Being Dad DVD Review, Beer And Honesty

After wading through a stack of baby and birthing books, watching a DVD was a blessed relief. Instead of spending days trudging through a book I could instead make myself a cup of tea, lay back on the couch and get through this in an hour and a half. Hallelujah!

Being Dad is a documentary film produced by a bunch of Aussie blokes. They traveled the country filming conversations between groups of fathers who discuss fatherhood over a few beers. Although US and UK versions have subsequently produced, I watched the original Australian version.

First up, its a great little film. Its genuinely entertaining as well as being educational. Its not dry or dull and there are plenty of chuckles. This isn't a reference book in movie form.

The conversations among the fathers span everything from finding out that your partner is pregnant, reframing your financial situation, dealing with a hormonal pregnant lady and the experience of child birth. Its a great overview of the experience of becoming a father.

The dads are very frank and honest in stating their opinions and describing their experiences. I can't say whether it was due to camaraderie or because of the free flowing beer but there didn't seem to be much varnishing going on. The opinions are honest, rarely politically correct and often hilarious.

Its a great way to get in a lot of baby related learning, quickly and painlessly. You can get the DVD (or the US or the UK versions) from Amazon.

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