37 Weeks, Are We There Yet?

As of today my wife Tanya is 37 weeks pregnant. Although we haven't reached the estimated due date itself we are expecting our baby to be along any day now. 37-40 weeks is apparently the official definition of full-term so we are now in the “have baby now” zone.

This site is not my first foray into blogging. My wife and I have a travel blog over at magictravelblog.com. We will be posting some travel baby related stuff over there but I felt like I needed somewhere else to post baby/fatherhood related thoughts that don't really have anything to do with travel. Thus, Dad's Playground was born. And yes, it feels very weird to refer to myself as “dad”.

Right now our lives seem to consist mostly of appointments. Yesterday was an ultrasound, tomorrow is the midwife. And all the while we bide our time and wait for the big moment. The bassinet is set up, the nappies are purchased, the baby clothes are washed and folded, the healthy frozen meals to see us through the first few weeks are stock piled. All we need now is a baby.

People ask if I'm excited and, honestly, not really. At least, not most of time. I certainly was excited but Tanya has been pregnant for 37 weeks. That is a long damn time to stay excited. Its most of a year! I have however teared up during the numerous birth videos we have now watched. I'm not sure that's a normal blokey reaction…

Its been a great experience learning all about fetal development and the process of childbirth. Learning about prams and car seats (I just installed one!) has been less fun but interesting in its own way. After all of the reading, buying, learning, cleaning, assembling and installing we are ready to meet our baby.

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