Bannister Suites Fremantle Hotel Review

Fremantle Street

We spent our wedding night at Bannister Suites. We married in north Fremantle in the morning, had our reception in the afternoon but were not leaving for our honeymoon until the following day. We needed somewhere to spend the evening. Bannister Suites in Fremantle fit the bill perfectly.

Location wise, it really does not get any better than Bannister Suites. There are plenty of Fremantle hotels nearby but Bannister Suites is easily the most central. Fremantle's many restaurants and cafes are literally seconds walk away.

We deliberately wrapped up our wedding celebrations by late afternoon leaving Tanya and I free in the evening to have a quiet dinner alone. Thanks to this hotel's location we were able to simply stroll down the street at our leisure.

Other Fremantle attractions are also nearby. It is approximately 10 minutes walk to Fremantle prison, less than five minutes walk to the Fremantle markets and maybe 10 minutes walk to the Fremantle roundhouse. The Fremantle train station is just over five minutes walk away.


The nearby Sail and Anchor pub
The nearby Sail and Anchor pub


The room itself is very comfortable. The bedroom and bathroom are tastefully decorated. Minimal and modern, clean and simple, the decor is unremarkable but pleasant. The whole place was extremely clean.

A kitchenette is provided. We didn't do anything more with these facilities beyond making some cups of tea. Basic facilities are provided but they are not really suitable for any serious cooking. If you just want to reheat your takeaway from one of the many restaurants just outside your door, you have everything you need.

Be aware that the hotel does not have much to offer, facilities wise, outside of those found within your room. The rooms are lovely, the location is amazing but if you require breakfast to be provided within the hotel you will need to go elsewhere.

With Fremantle on your doorstep there is little need for the hotel to provide much beyond a room but it is something to be aware of.

We would definitely stay here again.

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