North Fremantle Pier 21 Apartment Hotel Review

The foreshore near Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

We stayed at North Fremantle's Pier 21 Apartment Hotel shortly before getting married on the north Fremantle foreshore. Naturally these events have affected my impression of the hotel but I will try to stay reasonably impartial.

The rooms themselves are neat and tidy. There is plenty of space. If we can fit all of our friends and family during the wedding preparations you should have no trouble. Everything from studio rooms through to two bedroom apartments are available.

It can be hard to spend much time looking at the room itself due to the fantastic views available. Pier 21 is located feet from the Swan River so there are plenty of beautiful outlooks of the river foreshore, boats moving up and down the river as well as the opposite shore.

Being on the river and in a quiet residential area, peace and quiet can be found in spades at Pier 21. Despite being close to Fremantle and Perth city it feels like you are somewhere very secluded.

Although the hotel feels quite removed from the surrounding city it is a surprisingly short walk to a range of amenities. In particular, ten minutes walk gets you to the North Fremantle cluster of restaurants and bars.

Mojo's Bar is a Perth live music institution. This place has been providing a venue for up and coming bands for many many years.

Flipside Burgers makes one of the better burgers that you will find anywhere. Right next door is Mrs Brown, a nice little bar. Conveniently you are able to order your burger in Flipside, wander next door, get a drink and have your burger delivered to you in Mrs Brown.

An all day eatery called Propeller is also nearby. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is definitely no reason to go hungry if you are staying at Pier 21 and do not have your own transport.

North Fremantle train station is fifteen minutes walk away if you need to get into Perth city or over the river into central Fremantle. You can walk into Fremantle but it is at least a thirty minute walk along some fairly busy roads depending on where exactly you are headed.

Slightly further away at 20 minutes walk is the beautiful Port beach and the beachside restaurant Salt on the Beach.

A swan near Pier 21 North Fremantle
Some of the local wildlife

Location is really the Pier 21 Apartment Hotel's strong suit. You will struggle to find anywhere so convenient to both Fremantle and the Perth city center that is also so secluded and has such a beautiful view.

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