Ombak Guesthouse On Pulau Pangkor Review

Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) is on the north west coast of Malaysia, very close to Thailand. It is a lovely island, very pretty, relaxing and not as touristy as one would expect. The tourists that do come to Pulau Pangkor are mainly local Malays, therefore, it is quite cheap to stay on an island in paradise.

We stayed at the Ombak Guesthouse on Pulau Pangkor. There are many places to stay on the island although most accommodation is crowded around Nipah Bay. The Omabak Guesthouse was just one of probably 50 hotels / guesthouses in the Nipah Bay area alone. Prices for places vary widely, as does the accommodation style, amenities and friendliness of staff.

Ombak Guesthouse was the first place we stopped at when we got out of our taxi, had a look around, asked a few questions including the price and what was offered with that price (ie. breakfast), but then decided to ask around at a few more places.  After seeing a few more less appealing places with larger price tags, we went back to Ombak and asked for a room again. We were very lucky. We got the last one!

The rooms are little bungalows set in a beautiful garden with a healthy family of cats (and kittens) to keep you occupied and amused.  All bungalows have an ensuite bathroom, some with hot water, some without. A television is provided for each room, mainly with Thai channels although there is a movie channel for the evening viewing.  Air Conditioning can be found in every room I believe. You are best to check that when checking in to the room.

Finally, breakfast is included. And a decent breakfast too! Fresh coffee or tea, juice, banana pancakes with real honey, toast, eggs and sausages, and fruit.  People came from other hotels just for our breakfast. It was a fine breakfast, not the Hilton kind of course.

Free wifi is also included in the room. It works ok, better in the common area than in the bungalows. It seems that the whole island has trouble connecting to the internet from the hours of 8am till about 2pm every day. It works, but very slow. We found a restaurant a few doors down that we could use the wifi there when we had trouble at our place.

Below is a video we created to show Ombak Guesthouse's glory. Click here for more information about Ombak Inn

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