Hair Cutting On The Road To Everywhere

One of the many worries a traveler has when on the road is how to keep yourself from looking like you are in fact backpacking. We all know the backpacker look of either long, scraggly, ratted or dreaded hair, or the complete opposite, a shaved head (for convenience).

Andrew and I aren't quite ready for either of those looks just yet. Andrew considered going to a barber to get his hair shaved to a number 3 or 4 but decided against it. I just have to not wet my hair for 3 days and I can get dreads easily. Both of those options are there anytime we want them.

For now, we're trying something else. We've purchased a pair of thinning shears / scissors and are using them to keep each other presentable. All you need is the scissors, somewhere to sit, a broom and a few minutes to spare so its saving us both time and money. The picture above shows how much we would cut out of our hair every month or two. Mine is obviously on the left. I have a lot of hair, even when I have that much cut out!

The implements we use are as below: a comb and a pair of thinning shear scissors.  We don't use regular scissors yet as we're not yet confident enough in our hair cutting ability.

Thinning shears are surprisingly easy to use. They are very forgiving and when you just let yourself have a go you can give surprisingly good haircuts. There are many videos on the interwebs showing you how to use thinning shears.

In case you want to order some online to get sent to your home or office, click here. They really are great to have in the bag.

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