Apa Kaba Home & Stay Melaka Malaysia Review

The Apa Kaba guesthouse in Melaka/Malacca, Malaysia is a lovely guest house. Its an old fashioned teak building in a beautiful garden a few minutes walk from most of Melaka's main attractions.

They have both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. We spent three nights without air-conditioning and I don't think we'll be doing that again anytime soon. Being hot and sweaty 24 hours a day is incredibly tiring plus there isn't enough mosquito repellent in the world if you're going to sleep wearing as little as possible in a building with no glass or fly wire in the windows.

There is also a choice of using the common bathrooms Vs having your own bathroom. Your own bathroom is nice to have. You'll appreciate it when you have to stagger, half asleep, to the toilet at 4am. The common facilities were ok however. A little worn. They had character.

We certainly enjoyed our time at Apa Kaba. It's a lovely building, a great location and the hosts were friendly and even provided a free walking tour. I'm not sure if that's something you can necessarily count on happening if you stay there but it was a great introduction to Melaka. The room cost a little more than we like to pay, which is why we only stayed a few nights, however it was a nice experience and got us off on the right food in Melaka.

Click here to find out more about Apa Kaba also Here is a link to our food and more map of Melaka.

1 thought on “Apa Kaba Home & Stay Melaka Malaysia Review

  1. Hi Tanya & Andrew, my wife and myself have been stalking opps watching your vids with great interest as we are coming to Malaysia on the 9th.Dec From your vids which we so enjoy for info and reality we are staying at Apa kaba after a couple of days in Kuala lumpar.
    We are going to where you are now Georgetown then Palau Lankawl. Didnt like much your Fishy Curry Headonist platter Tanya… Headonist does mean lose your head dont it?

    So if your in when we are about we shall see you… Keep up the vids

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