A Visit To T-Bowl Concept Restaurant In Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant is a novel restaurant chain built around a unique theme. Toilets. It sounds like a weird concept for a restaurant and it is…  It was interesting though and the food is actually pretty good. Just go easy on the ice cream.

Trying new food is a big part of travel. It doesn't always have to be traditional food on the side of the road. Other societies' take on modern food can be just as interesting.

The company website is at t-bowl.com

The Melaka restaurant is at No. 619, Jalan TMR 10, Taman Melaka Raya. Here is a link to our food map of Melaka.

Check it out if you are in Malaysia. It's worth experiencing it in person.


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  1. Hi, Just to enquire that whether the outlet @ Melaka Raya is closed for good as I when there on the 12 Jun 2012 but it was closed. Hotel staff called the no. on the website on the next day but got the reply that the no. is no longer in use.

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