The Tragedy Of The New Born

We are fortunate to have a very happy baby. She rarely cries except when life's inconveniences have delayed her feeding. She generally wakes up smiling, she loves meeting new people and, unless she is particularly tired or hungry, she responds to pretty much everyone with a huge toothless grin.

At ten weeks old she has never experienced anything more painful than a nervous visitor's clumsy baby holding technique. She has never been seriously ill. She has never been injured. She has never had to deal with any problem bigger than waiting until we unload the shopping before she can be fed. She has never seen anger. She has never seen violence. Her whole life experience has been nothing but love and complete trust.

However, sadly, that will not last forever. She will get sick. She will be injured. She will be hurt by others, emotionally and possibly physically. One day love will no longer define her world.

So, while I cherish her innocent, trusting wide eyed smile, it is tinged with just a little sadness. She is blissfully unaware of the inevitable struggles that lay ahead, of the inevitable doses of sadness and hardship that will come her way. She doesn't suspect a thing.

But all is not lost. The world is still a wonderful place and I will do all I can to prepare her to deal with what life dishes out. And in the mean time, we'll keep this joyful streak going as long as possible.

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