Patuxai (Victory Monument) In Vientiane

Victory Monument, known in Laotian as Patuxai, is one of Vientiane's iconic attractions. It was built after the country gained independence from France. The US actually gave the Laotian government the money to build a new city airport but they decided that a large monument was in order.

Up close, you can easily see that it was never completed. It is however quite impressive from a distance. Particularly as it is surrounded by some very nice gardens.

Standing under the monument you can see one of its more attractive aspects. The ceiling over the public area filled with people hanging out, chatting with friends.

Entry to the top of Victory monument is 3000 Kip each. That's a little under 50 cents so its reasonable enough. There are a few floors of shops on the way to the top. If you are after touristy nic-nacs this is certainly the place to get them. T-shirts etc are available in vast numbers.

The view from the top is really lovely. There's an excellent view of the surrounding gardens and the city.

Victory monument probably won't be the greatest (or most finished) monument you'll ever see. It does offer a great view though, its very affordable and its only a short walk from the centre of town.


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