Parcel Postage Rates – Price Guide to Post Stuff from Taiwan

I am not sure if I have said it often enough on here but I Love Taiwan. Perhaps we were just lucky but when we headed into two different post offices in Taipei we received excellent service.

The first post office we went in was extremely busy so we didn't bother asking our usual barrage of questions. We had a look around and saw a heap of postal boxes stuck on the wall with prices. Therefore, we knew straight away that we could buy boxes at the post office. That is important. We've been into post offices in other parts of the world that don't sell either boxes or envelopes. One step towards sending stuff from Taiwan back to Australia complete.

The second post office we headed into wasn't as busy so we asked if they had a price list of parcel postage rates from Taiwan to Australia. The staff member couldn't speak much English but he rushed off to find someone who could. The lady arrived and she spoke perfect English much to our lazy “we really should work on our Mandarin” delight.

The lady went through the price list which was mostly in Chinese and showed us which column was for Australia. It was set out in kilograms and is pretty easy to read once you know which column you're after. We asked both the staff members if we could take a photo of the postal rates price list. Instead they kindly photocopied it for us. Gosh I Love Taiwan.

Below is the postal price list to send packages from Taiwan to Australia. 0.5 kg costs $310 NT (around $10 AUD). 10kg costs $2305 NT with additional kilos being charged at $105 NT to a maximum of 20 kilos.

Since then, we found some awesome information on the Taiwan Postal Website.

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  1. Hey, this is exactly what I was looking for! Looking to import some things, to Australia and while outdated this serves as a great guide of the average sort of price I could expect to pay. Thanks very much!

  2. It was the first thing that popped up when I searched the internet for postage rates…. SO helpful, Thank you.

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