Pacsafe 20L Personal Safe Review

Pacsafe 20L Personal Safe Locked Up To The Toilet
Pacsafe 20L Personal Safe Locked Up To The Toilet (grainy pic taken via iPhone)

A few months ago I entered a competition from Bagworld by liking and sharing a product of theirs on Facebook. Of course, I chose the Pacsafe Travelsafe 20L Portable Safe, and I won. Thanks again Bagworld!

I love Pacsafe. I love Bagworld. I love Security. Put them all together and you have an awesome product that truly is the bees knees for when you need to leave your expensive gear in your room when travelling!

We travel with a lot of not cheap equipment and we know that there is no guarantee that our laptops and other things won't get stolen unless they are constantly with us, and we are in a bullet proof bubble with big buff bodyguards. However, we do have lives to lead and we can't afford the buff bodyguards. And well, laptops and beach water do not mix.

This is where the Pacsafe Travelsafe 20L Portable Safe comes in. The dimensions of the portable safe is 37cm x 31cm x 17cm with a weight of 700gms. It is not huge nor is too light but it isn't too heavy either considering it does have the exomesh threaded most of the way through it.

We can fit both of our laptops, all the cables, our little electrical bag of bits and pieces, and more quite comfortably. Close it up, thread the extra strong wire through the little lock system, thread the wire around something like a bed head or, our favourite, the toilet and lock it back up to the personal safe, and then you are done!

Pacsafe 20L Personal Safe Locked Up
Pacsafe 20L Personal Safe Locked Up


Things that we like about the Portable Safe:

  • The size is pretty good, and we can fit all of our goodies in it easily.
  • It rolls up small if you need to. We generally just keep everything in there and put it straight into our backpack as is.
  • Is made out of tough material with exomesh through most of it so it feels like it would be hard to cut into.
  • The Portable Safe is fairly water resistant, so if your bag gets rained on a bit the stuff inside should be ok.

Things that we don't like about the Portable Safe:

  • The wire cable is maybe a tad short. It needs to have another 50cm in length for us to be able to thread it around everything. (It is the perfect size for threading around the toilet though).
  • For us, if it was 25L, it would be the absolute perfect size. 20L is a little too small to store everything for two people.

It certainly doesn't make it impossible for someone to steal your stuff, it will however, make it a lot harder.

You can purchase the Pacsafe TravelSafe 20L Portable Safe via amazon. It is pretty cool, we love it.

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