Misspent Youth Going Free To Good Home

It's no secret that I (Andrew) am a pretty massive nerd. As such I have accumulated a pretty significant collection of games, models and comics. Most it of dates back to my teenage years and has been stored away for the many years that have passed since then.

Tanya and I are currently making a big push to cull our belongings. We simply have too much stuff and its time to part with much of it. As such I am now getting rid of a big box containing a mish mash of Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Bloodbowl, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, White Dwarf magazines and who knows what else. Its mostly all Games Workshop stuff. There's a lot of miniatures, magazines and an assortment of rule books and it fills a 40cm x 60cm x 30cm box. There is A LOT there.

All of this can be all yours for nothing. Zip. Zero. I'm giving it all away. Its all free for anyone who can make use of it. The only condition is that you arrange to pick it up from me in Perth, Western Australia. If you want it contact me below.

UPDATE: Contact form removed. It has now gone to a young fellow who will hopefully put it all to good use.

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