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About Tanya and Andrew

We are aged in our early and late thirties and have taken a chance to change our lives for the better. We left our full time IT jobs in Australia for life on the long term road travelling through Asia (for the moment anyhow, there is more to the world than just Asia!).

We left Perth, Australia at the start of November, 2011 and have been travel blogging and house-sitting our way through Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Taiwan since then.

Andrew works part time computer programming for an Australian education software company, Moodle.  Tanya writes part time on this travel blog where I document everything we do, see and eat as we travel the world.

As we work during the day we are often around the house more than other house-sitters would be. Not only will your pet(s) have us around most of the time but so will your property.

Pet Love

We are both animal people, Tanya prefers cats as they are easier to look after and generally enjoy her cuddles. Andrew prefers dogs as he likes to go out running with them. Birds, sugar gliders and guinea pigs are also fine too!

Tanya had a beautiful kitty cat for over fourteen years, so she knows how to care for cats well. It was a very sad time when Saki passed away. Andrew grew up with dogs so he knows how to look after dogs.

Between the two of us, over the years, we have looked after cats, dogs, chickens, fish, goats, rabbits, sugar gliders… the list will hopefully go on. We love animals. House-sitting gives us the chance to visit places we may never have gone and to make some new furry friends!

Saki Puss

Home Life

We still own a property in Perth, Western Australia. The apartment is rented out while we are travelling the world. Prior to our current property we renovated and sold another apartment. We are handy with tools and can deal with anything that needs repairing.

We do like having a home and we like to travel but sometimes these just don't mix. This is where house-sitting works for us as we get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your home will be treated with the utmost respect as if it were our own home.


We respect your requests and your privacy. If you have a scanner on your property, we can scan and email the envelopes of your mail and email them to you. We would then await your instructions as to whether you want anything opened or just left until you return.

We typically email an update to the owners once a week. These can be more or less often if you prefer. Along with the email updates, we are contactable by skype and local mobile / cell phone number.


We respect your home like it is our home. We will not venture into any parts of the house that we should not be in.

Find Out More

To find out more about why we should be your next house-sitters, click through the links below.

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