Five Ultimate iPhone Apps We Use For Travel

Thank goodness for the Whirly Word iPhone app…


The iPhone is a great invention for travellers. I'll change that sentence. The smartphone is a great invention for travellers. It is a phone, a computer, a GPS map, a game machine, all in one handy fit in your pocket box.

Apart from the normal making calls and using facebook and the internet we use our iPhone on a daily basis for all things travel. The below are the apps that we have downloaded and use the most. Most work best when you have a wifi or a 3G connection. They really do make our lives easier.

TripAdvisor – This is the first application we start when we want to research a place to go. TripAdvisor has a hefty database of reviews and photos of just about everything a place has to offer. Restaurants, Accommodation, Tours, and Day Spas for example. Just type the town's name in, and information will be received!

Agoda – Agoda has a massive range of accommodation options on offer. Many for very cheap. We tend to use the Agoda app to get an idea of how much accommodation in the town or city we want to will cost. We have also been known to use the Agoda app to get the cheapest deals on last minute rates for places. Booking that morning for check in. The app is pretty simple to book accommodation through too. Nice!

Hostelworld – Even though we are more FlashPackers than Backpackers these days, the Hostelworld app also has a lot to offer when researching towns and cities we want to go to next. We tend to use Hostelworld to work out where the main tourist areas of a place is, then try to pick accommodation just outside of that area.

NomadsPath – This app is the bomb. Download the application over wifi then select each country you are going to and then download the Guide Module for the country. The data is pretty much pulled straight off of wikitravel but it still serves as a great location guide. We tend to read the data from NomadsPath just before we arrive in a new destination. Just to remind ourselves.

iTorch4 – I have lost count of the times we have used the iTorch4 app on our iPhone. It has come in handy so many times. Walking on a dark path to our bungalow at night. Trying to find something in our backpack at night. Flashing dance parties. It is just a great app that uses the camera's flash as a light source. I love a phone that can become a torch and vice versa.

Skype – Skype on the phone is awesome. We can speak to our family and friends over the wifi using skype but still using the iPhone, treating the call like a phone call. It makes all the difference sometimes. Being able to speak to a family member and still be laying in bed naked. You could still use the video call option if you really wanted to.

Whirly Word – This is just an awesome game that you can play alone or with someone else. Six letters will be shown and then you have to discover all the words that can be made from those six letters. We like the game as it keeps our brain active, and it kills a lot of time when waiting for trains that end up being 2 hours late.

And there you go, five, I mean, seven awesome iPhone apps that we use for travel. Can you suggest any apps that we should try?

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  1. couldn’t agree more with your cool list!.. I’m currently using 5 out of the 7 u listed.. and will add NomadsPath & Whirly Word soon :).. thanks for sharing

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