Christmas Fun On Koh Samui

Merry Cosmo Samui Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas on Koh Samui in Thailand. It was strange to be away from our family on this festive occasion, but after a couple of cosmopolitan cocktails with breakfast, we settled in to a glorious tropical island Christmas Day.

Santa surprised us with some awesome usable gifts for both of us. We couldn't believe how awesome Santa was this year! Two bottles of margarita flavoured Spy, a snickers, carton of milk, a packet of dried bananas, a little piggy pen and a fabulous mini pocket knife! We were able to use everything that he gave us as gifts! Thank you Santa!

Santa surprised us with awesome useful gifts

Even though we were away from our family, with the help of the interwebs and skype, we were able to talk to our family. Tanya had an awesome time talking to all of her extensive family via skype video. She (the laptop with Tanya on it) was placed on the kitchen counter and food was shoved into the screen so that Tanya could taste everything she was missing out on!

Andrew chatted to his family via skype telephone. He had to call his parents landlines, so sadly, there was no video chat to be had but it was still lovely to hear their voices.

Talking to the family on Christmas day

Christmas day wasn't spent alone though, we had some awesome friends who flew over from Sydney, Australia for a Christmas get away on Koh Samui as well! After an awesome breakfast, we all grouped up at their hotel and hung out around the pool, complaining about the weather, the food, the people, and the beauty treatments.

For our Christmas, and a birthday boy's dinner, we dined at the Red Snapper Restaurant & Bar in Bophut on Koh Samui. It was a lovely dinner spent with friends, drinking glorious cocktails and eating delicious food.

Even though our Christmas was spent away from family, spending time with our fabulous friends made our day great. Thank you Rodney, Vernon, Brian, Patrick and Trent! We loved spending Christmas with you all x

Koh Cosmo Samui Christmas

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