Bangkok’s China Town

Andrew sitting at a roadside Noodle Soup Stall in Bangkok's China Town

Without fail, if there is a China Town in a city, we will go there. And Bangkok's famous China Town was no exception. What a place!  Walking up to the main road  – Yaowarat Road – you get to see people earning their money. There are  a lot of plumbing supply, mechanics, wreckers and auto-parts businesses. If you're after pretty much anything industrial you can find it in Bangkok's Chinatown. Mix these with Bangkok's version of Chinese restaurants and lots of shops supplying gold bracelets and you have a fairly unique spin on a familiar concept.

During the day Yaowarat Road is an extremely busy road. At night half the street is blocked off by food stalls selling everything from barbecued chestnuts, roast pork and wanton noodle soup to the main specialty of the street, Bird's Nest and Shark Fin Soup. We left that stuff well alone.

Apart from food (ahem), Bangkok's China Town also offers people a chance to enjoy many sights while they munch on Dim Sum. Here, you can find the world's largest solid gold Buddha image, many historical Chinese buildings, beautiful wats (temples) and numerous stalls selling items specifically for weddings.

China Town is great. We suggest you take a walk during the afternoon then again after dark to experience Bangkok's China Town completely.

China Town's main street's sidewalk is covered in food stands
Chinese Lanterns above your head
Tanya enjoying Mhooyang Mhoosub
Chinese Temple in China Town, Bangkok
A mixture of chinese lanterns and Thai flags strung over the street

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  1. china town is a great place to visit. There are lot of shopping center as It is a popular tourist attraction place.

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