A Frog In Our Toilet in Langkawi, Malaysia

Mr Toilet Frog

Coming from Australia we're used to a little wild life occasionally wandering into our living space. We've had up close and personal encounters with bees, wasps, snakes, spiders, and of course, endless flies and mosquitoes. I'm not sure either of us has ever had a frog before. Better than a toad I guess.

I didn't want to just kill the little guy so a rescue operation was in order. There was just the small matter of convincing him that I was there to help and not to squish.

In the end it was actually pretty straight forward. I rustled up a suitable container, put it more or less around him and spooked him into “escaping” straight into my trap. He was then delivered to the garden where he hopefully lives happily to this day. Oh, and I washed the container.

1 thought on “A Frog In Our Toilet in Langkawi, Malaysia

  1. I found a frog in my room in Costa Rica once. I was more afraid of that frog than it was of me though :-/ It was closer to the size of a cat that the frog above.

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