Old Town Guesthouse Melaka (Malacca) Review

Lets get this out of the way, this review is going to sound a little too good to be true. We LOVED Old Town Guesthouse. In terms of cleanliness, location, friendliness, facilities and price we're yet to find a better place. Sure, we've stayed in places with a grander bathroom or a full breakfast buffet but they also cost literally twice as much. At the prices Old Town are charging you are not going to find anywhere better in Melaka.

We stayed in a private room with our own bathroom, hot shower and wonderful windows that blocked out the noise of the bustling city street outside. Everything was clean and in working order.

There are two huge common rooms with plenty of seating and tables. This was fantastic for us as, with it being wet season during our time in Melaka, we needed somewhere to avoid the rain and get some work done. There was also a TV, a big collection of DVDs and a reliable Internet connection available via wifi.

The only downside to Old Town is the difficulty in getting a booking. We're not the first to discover this place. The have a long list of regulars. Also, their low rates mean they have some long term visitors who have adopted the place as their home away from home and who show few signs of letting go of their prized room. Just to make it a little more difficult the guest house closes periodically so the couple who run it can return to France. I can only imagine the howls of despair when they have to kick everyone out…

If you want to try and get a room there here are some links to more information.

Old Town Guesthouse's website

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