Travel Gear To Make Family Travel Easy

Our traveling family in Bangkok

This page records our favourite pieces of travel gear. It is not a full family packing list as knowing how many pairs of underwear we own or our exact number of t-shirts is not particularly useful. The below are travel products that have changed our lives for the better.

We spent three years traveling full-time with only carry on luggage. Although Zoe's addition to the family has forced us to check bags we retain our spirit of traveling light. All of these items are extremely useful and very light weight.

This is not everything we own. This is just the stuff that we recommend to make life easier.


Tanya's Travel Gear

Keen's Sandals

Tanya's sandals in Taipei

Keens sandals are comfortable and incredibly hard wearing. For warmer climates you really cannot go wrong with having a pair of these as your everyday footwear. They are not slippery, they are comfortable walking long distances and they keep your feet from getting hot and sweaty. Click here to get current prices on similar comfy yet hard wearing women's sandals.

Skechers Sneakers

tanya skechers sport shoes
For when you need a little more comfort, to be slightly dressier or when the weather is a little cooler these are amazingly comfortable shoes. We purchased these after a discussion with a nurse about being on your feet all day. They have memory foam in them which may be why they are so comfortable. They are fantastic. Click here to get the current price of the most comfortable shoes you will ever own.

Boken Bag

Boken nappy bag in Western Australia

Technically this is a diaper bag although its role has expanded somewhat. We use it as a carry on bag, a shopping bag and a general purpose day pack. Comfortable and large but smooshes down small when it is empty. Click here to get the current price of this super handy bag.

Zoe's Favorite Baby Travel Gear

Travelling with a baby can be tough but a few handy bits of equipment can make life much easier for all of us.

Phil and Ted Traveler Crib

Lightweight and packs up small while being stable enough to contain a determined toddler. As lightweight travel cot it does need something else underneath it if it will be sitting on tiles or concrete to keep your little darling comfortable. Click here for the current price of Zoe's travel cot.

BabyZen Yoyo

Feeding on Calton Hill in Edinburgh

This has been our travel stroller/travel pram for most of Zoe's life. It folds down small enough to be carry-on and it feels good and sturdy. Originally we were using the rear facing infant bassinet attachment before switching to the forward facing seat.

We used this pram every day between the ages of 4 or 5 months and 17 months. The pram is stable enough to hang some odds and ends off and it has coped incredibly well with everything from broken footpaths in Malaysia to the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh. Click here to get the current price of this fantastic lightweight travel stroller.

Note that we have written an extremely detailed post to help you choose the best travel stroller for you. Head over there if you are looking for a stroller.


zoe in her yoyo plus snoozeshade on badalona beach in spain
Zoe in her Babyzen YoYo plus snoozeshade on Badalona beach in Spain

You cannot always guarantee that you will be near your home base when nap time rolls around. We have vastly increased our nap time success rate with this Snoozeshade. These days we leave it mostly unzipped while Zoe falls asleep as it still blocks a lot of light. Once she is asleep we zip it up to create a shaded cocoon for her. Click here to find out the current price of a longer afternoon nap.

Andrew's Must Have Travel Accessories

Andrew's belongings are fairly basic. A key part of traveling light is simply not having much stuff.

Kathmandu Voltai 40 Liter Backpack

This is a great carry-on backpack. The bag itself is incredibly light so you are not wasting much of your weight allowance just on your bag. Especially if you are traveling carry on only you want the lightest carry on luggage you can find so you can make the most of that pesky weight allowance. As it does not have a bunch of dividers and unnecessary bits and pieces inside it the interior space is surprisingly spacious.

If you plan to travel carry on only, check out this bag. If you want a lightweight backpack to use as a large day pack or if you are interested in ultralight hiking, it is a GREAT starting point. Click here for more information

Crocs Shoes

andrews crocs shoes
Crocs are primarily known for those hideous plastic things but they also make surprisingly comfortable shoes. These look like reasonably presentable shoes, provided you do not look too closely, but have a thick springy sole on them. That means that they will do in a pinch for when you need enclosed shoes while still being comfortable enough to walk all day in. Click here to find out current prices on these super comfy men's shoes.

Keens Sandals

This photo was taken in 2013. Andrew's sandals are on the right are still going strong.

For warmer climates, south east Asia in particular, you cannot beat a good pair of sandals for everyday wear. These are enclosed and supportive enough that walking long distances is comfortable while being open enough that your feet will stay cool and dry. Being fairly enclosed and dark colored they look relatively presentable (for sandals) when paired with full length pants/trousers. Click here to get the current price for some hard wearing everyday sandals.

Pacsafe Stainless Steel Mesh Bag

We do not actually travel with one of these anymore but did for a long while and it was great. It is a bag made of steel mesh. You put stuff in it then lock the bag closed. You can also lock the bag to a fixed object.

You can either put all of your stuff in the bag, it is big enough to fit most backpacks, or you can put some stuff in it, lock it closed, then put the mesh bag within your backpack. That way it is less obvious that you have stuff locked up and you can still lock it around something solid.

Click here to get the current price and secure your stuff


This is just a few items that have made our lives as a traveling family easier. If you do want a full packing list click here to check out our posts detailing the full contents of our bags.