What You Need To Study Online On The Road To Anywhere


Being location independent is not just about working. It can also be about studying. Studying anything you desire online from anywhere in the world. At any time.

Just because you want to travel does not mean you have to give up on learning. There are so many online courses that you can complete via the internet that you don't need to stay at home just so you can be on campus.

You can learn languages, complete full degrees via open universities, brush up on your maths thanks to Kahn Academy, learn how to be a wedding planner, anything, all online from anywhere in the world!

What do you need to study location independently then?

Laptop / Notebook / Tablet
Making sure you have a fast and awesome laptop is very important. Tanya finds that a laptop that has a screen that swivels to become a tablet works best for her. She finds it easier to read tutorials and books on the computer screen if it is more like looking at a textbook and less like looking at a laptop. This is personal choice though. Having a multi-functional device that turns from being a laptop into a tablet is handy for reading in bed though.

Internet Connection
To study online well, you still need an awesomely fast internet connection. Online university units tend to have tutorials that you have to attend regularly. This may mean adding input into discussions, or completing an online multiple choice test, or in other courses, uploading a recording of you speaking Indonesian if that is what you are studying.

Most online courses will also have readings and guides for you to download. Having a decent internet connection will make this easy. Having an unreliable or slow Internet will make all of the above pretty painful.

Credit / Debit Card
Purchasing textbooks books that you can read online instead of having to buy a hard copy is also an important factor when trying to study on the road. Tanya tends to check our Amazon and Google books for the textbooks for the units she wants to do online. If they have the books, then that will be the unit she completes next. Being able to read a textbook on your laptop while sitting on an 8 hour slow boat journey is great.

Studying online is hard work. It can seem like an easy option but it's not. Depending on the course there may be a lot of essays you have to write, a lot of readings you have to read, and a lot of appointments with tutors that you have to keep. And you don't have face to face contact to prompt you to get yourself into gear.

Don't forget to set yourself a daily routine for studying. Even assigning yourself one to two hours per day, every day, will make the learning online easier. There is nothing like a routine to get things done!

Put all of the above together, add an exercise book for notes, a pencil, an eraser, and a quiet place, then you have the recipe to study from anywhere in the world.

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