Updating Our Sleep Sheets At Warorot Market In Chiang Mai

Our Chiang Mai Seamstress
Our Chiang Mai Seamstress


Our original sleep sheets needed replacing. They were old, a little stained and extremely bally. They had lasted a long time and served us well. Our first ones were made in Melaka, Malaysia back in November 2011. At the start of our long term travel trip. To purchase the four pieces of fabric and to have them sewed, it cost us AUD $23.00.

Now that we are in Chiang Mai, and Warorot Market is just a short scooter ride from our place. Andrew and I went shopping!

There are quite a few fabric shops on the main road so we went inside a few and started feeling up the rolls of fabric.

T: “Ooh that's a pretty pattern!”
A: “No, it feels like sandpaper.”

A: “What about this? It feels like cotton.”
T: “It's so heavy! It will weigh more than our bags!”

T: “How about Hello Kitty sheets?”
A: “Now you're talking!”

This went on for a surprisingly long time. In the end, we found a fabric light enough to carry and which felt nice enough to sleep between.

Finally The Fabric Is Chosen
Finally The Fabric Is Chosen


We purchased 4 x 2.5m pieces of multi-coloured spotted green fabric that totalled 250 baht (around AUD $8.50). The staff at the fabric shop were ready for us to leave. We had been there for a good thirty minutes discussing our choice.

Next stop… to the sewing lady!

On the second floor of the Warorot Market building, right at the back, past all the shops, is a single lady and her single foot-peddled Singer sewing machine.

We couldn't speak Thai, she couldn't speak English, but we were able to communicate what we wanted through hand gestures and the timeless art of mime.

Prices were discussed and we happily paid her 150 baht (around AUD $5) to have our two king sized sheets made. Two pieces of material joined then hemmed all the way around. I'm pretty sure she only wanted half that amount of money but we happily overpaid her and she happily accepted.

For 400 baht (around AUD $13.50) we had our new sleep sheets!

Our Fabric Turned Into Bed Sheets
Our Fabric Turned Into Bed Sheets


Why are sleep sheets so great anyhow? Watch our “What on Earth are Sleep Sheets” video below or Read more about Sleep Sheets.

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