Trail Wallet App - Total For Today
Trail Wallet App – Total For Today


I came across this iPhone / iPad / iPod app a few months ago and without any hesitation, I paid my USD $1.99 and have't looked back since.

Trail Wallet is an app that can easily track your daily expenditure in the local currency of the country you are in. For example, we have our home country set as Australia. In January of 2013 we were in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. We were able to add the costs of everything we paid for in each of those currencies. The app would then convert the currency and let us know how much we had spent for the day.

With the latest update, people can choose the existing categories or add their own. The basic categories are along the lines of Accommodation, Food, Transport, Bribes etc. We have added ones like Beauty Treatments. We do love our massages after all.

We could just write it all down in a notepad, or on an excel spreadsheet like we used to do, but since I take my iPhone everywhere, this just seems right.

Pros of the Trail Wallet app:

  • The app lets you set a daily budget in the settings page. This is where you also choose your home currency and the country where you are now.
  • Can easily add all purchases with a click of the plus sign.
  • You can write notes about each purchase. ie. 2 vege juices, 2 tempe goreng… nom nom nom!
  • There is an option to email a Trail Wallet Financial Report which is a CSV file (open with an office app) of a daily breakdown of what you spend each day.
  • A pretty chart shows you the breakdown of what and how much you spend your money on in the month.
  • The daily summary page shows everything clearly – if you are under your budget, or over. Daily and monthly.
  • It doesn't take up much battery power so you can keep the app running in the background.

Cons of the Trail Wallet app:

  • There is no option to add a bulk purchase and spread it out over a month. For example, a monthly rental payment. I would really like to see this feature soon.
  • There is an option to spread the love on Twitter, sharing if you are under or over-budget for the day. I would like to see the same for Facebook.
  • It would be nice to have a save to iCloud or Google Docs option. Just so I know that the data is being backed up. I don't want to have to email a breakdown to myself every day just to make sure I have the up-to-date details saved somewhere other than on the phone.

Trail Wallet IS the bees knees! Sure, I would change a couple of things, but I am really happy with what this app can do. It is simple to use and even looks pretty too. The price is right. Go get it now. You will thank us later.

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  1. Do you have to remember to get your phone out and add every purchase that you make for this app? I suppose so–could be a bit of a hassle, which I guess would be easier if it had voice recognition. I can’t imagine whipping this out to note that I just spent 40 baht on a bowl of noodles, but maybe I could get the hang of it.

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