Seven Things To Do In Taipei, Taiwan

Here is just a snippet of what Taipei in Taiwan has to offer visitors. Click through the pictures to see and read more.

Winding Stair Cases of Xiazhulin Hiking Trail


Go hiking on the outskirts of Taipei.  We completed the Xiazhulin Hiking Trail just north of Tienmu in Taipei, Taiwan. The hiking trails are a lot different to those in Australia. There are stairs and a lot of them.

Radiohead At The Nanang Exhibition Hall in Taipei



Check out an International Concert at the Nanang Exhibition Hall in Taipei. We watched Radiohead perform live. Whoop! Taiwan gets a lot of International acts come perform.

Ximen Wall Art, Taipei, Taiwan



Ximen in Taipei is where all the funky, young hipster Taiwanese hang out after school, on weeknights and especially on the weekends. We checked out the street art that can be found on the back streets of Ximen.


Tiny Old Time Life – Miniatures Museum Of Taiwan


The Miniatures Museum in Taiwan is fun for everyone. Adults can't help being reminded of their youth when they walk through the museum looking at all things miniature. There is even a working TV the size of a postage stamp!


Make Traditional Mochi – My Teacher


Walk to the local community area on a weekend day in any suburb in Taipei and you may get the chance to make Traditional Mochi with the locals (or similar).  Taipei loves their festivals!


Shadow Tanya and Andrew At MOCA Taipei


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan is a fabulous museum to visit. There is fun for the whole family, special exhibitions and arts and crafts classes that adults and children can take.

Museum Of World Religion – Wall of Religion



We thought the Museum Of World Religion was amazing. We learnt a lot about many different religions in a very artistic manner. This museum is a must see. Check it out.

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    1. I (Tanya) wish I was back in Taipei every day. It is certainly the best city I have been to thus far… Gah! I miss Taipei! Did you go to the palace? Andrew and I didn’t make it… will next time 🙂

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