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Museum Of World Religions in Taipei

The Museum Of World Religions was a fantastic outing during our time in Taipei. We both had our doubts as we had been to numerous temples, mosques, churches, shrines, and pagodas. However, the museum of world religions took learning about the religions of the world to a whole new level.

As we entered the museum in Yonghe, we paid our admission price of NT$150 per adult (AUD$5) and headed up to the seventh floor as instructed. We got out of the lift and were treated to a beautiful walkway lined with pictures of religious people called “Pilgrim's Way”. A sign greeted us with “The doors to Goodness, Wisdom and Compassion are opened by keys of the heart.” Lovely.

Just to let you know, we took a lot of photos however the majority of them didn't work out. The lighting was a little dark in the museum so we've only got a few photos to show you. Oh well. You will just have to go and see it for yourself!

Museum Of World Religions – Front Of House

The Museum Of World Religions is set up in ten distinct sections: The Pilgrim's Way where visitors begin their journey in an act of purification. We then passed through the Golden Lobby where the room portrays the passing of a year's time and its significant celebrations as defined by various religions.

Visitors then visit the Creations area and watch a really lovely multimedia presentation of the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. It weaves together an array of creation stories from around the world. Truly beautiful. From there visitors move through the Hall Of Life's Journey which explores the passage of human life through the perspectives of many different faiths and cultures.

Museum Of World Religion – Video Art

World religious leaders and famous people share their spiritual experiences in the Awakenings room. From there people can meditate in the meditation gallery if they so desire.

From there, visitors pass a gorgeous golden sphere that represents character and wisdom that is common to all religions. From here, guests walk through the Great Hall Of World Religions which contains displays on Christianity, Judaism, ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Mayan religious beliefs, Shinto, Taoism, and Taiwanese Folk religious beliefs. Phew.

Miniature Religious Buildings At The Museum Of World Religion In Taipei

Visitors pass the great Wall of Gratitude that says thanks for all the private donations from people of all kinds to the wall of Parting Blessing. The journey ends here where a touch of the hand on the screen brings forth words of wisdom from religious figures from around the world.

There is a lovely vegetarian restaurant and a gift store also.

The Museum of World Religion was a fantastic experience. We really enjoyed our time there. Just so you know, as we didn't until the end, you can hire audio guides in English. If we had of known this when we first arrived at the museum, we most likely would have rented them.

Visit the Museum of World Religions in Taipei. It is totally worth it. Website link. Map Link.

We've been to the Museum of World Religion, Taipei

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