Things To Do In Taipei – Make Traditional Mochi

There is always something to do in Taipei. It is a city that never sleeps. On weekends, take a walk around any suburb and there is bound to be something happening at a park or on the sidewalk or in a parking lot.

On a Saturday morning, we walked down the road to our little village near the Beitou Hot Springs and in the park nearby was a few covered stalls with a lot of noise coming from them. Of course, we had to go have a look.

Among stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, handicrafts and information on various things in Taipei, there was a stall making traditional mochi.

We first had mochi in Penang but never found out exactly what it was made of or how. Here in Taipei, we found out! Check out our video below…

How To Make Traditional Mochi

Step One: Pound Glutinous Rice
Step Two: Tear rice into balls. Roll in peanut sugar mix
Step Three: Eat!

Make Traditional Mochi – Step One – Pound Glutinous Rice
Make Traditional Mochi – Step Two – Tear Rice Into Balls. Roll In Peanut Sugar Mix
Make Traditional Mochi – Step Three – Eat!
Make Traditional Mochi – My Teacher Being Interviewed

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