They’re Angry Birds Crazy In Malaysia

anger birds crocs. How many trademarks can one product infringe?

For some reason Malaysia is absolutely crazy about Angry Birds. There is Angry Birds merchandise everywhere. If Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, is getting a royalty from even half of the merchandise being sold here they must be a very rich by now.

For those that aren't familiar with Angry Birds its an iphone game. Pigs have stolen the bird's eggs. The birds, who are now angry, set off in pursuit. The player's role is to launch birds from a catapault at structures the pigs have attempted to hide within. It's a very simple game but that's part of what makes it so addictive. One more level. One more level. Always, one more level.

I played it quite a bit. In fact I played it pretty solidly for few weeks until I eventually decided that I wanted my life back and uninstalled it.

I'm not quite sure what the attraction of all the merchandise is. Most of the people I've ever seen playing Angry Birds were people in suits on their way to work. Maybe there are lots of kids with access to an iphone or ipad who are playing it. I guess I wouldn't really know. You could however, if you were a particularly Angry Birds crazy kid, dress yourself head to foot in Angry Birds attire and make up your entire complement of school stationary requirements with Angry Birds stationary.

Angry Birds pens, Angry Birds backpacks, Angry Birds lunch boxes, Angry Birds t-shirts, Angry Birds shoes, it's all out there for you.

To make it clear how much of this stuff is around we decided to take photos of all of the Angry Birds merchandise for sale in a single store. That's right, all of the below was for sale in a single store. It wasn't even a big store.

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