They Call Me... Chili Bean!

They call me "Chili Bean!"

Chilies are a big part of south east Asian food. The chillies range from big red ones, which are more sweet than hot, to tiny green ones, that burn with the fire of a thousand suns. A lot of dishes also contain chopped up green beans. Little bits of green bean dotted with little green hell fire chillies. Seems like a dangerous combination...

While in Langkawi we received a tip about a restaurant, Tom Yam Corner, from some people staying at the same guest house as us. Cheap tasty food is hard to come by in Langkawi so we jumped at the chance to have a cheap good meal and to get some chilli into us. We'd been in Malaysia for quite some time but hadn't really had all that much chilli yet.

It was just down the road in Pantai Cenang. We had to look around a little as you have to go through a small set of markets selling clothes and assorted bits and pieces to get to it. That possibly also explains why there were no other tourists there. As well as the location there was also the small matter of the chilli. We had been told that the food was hot. That was actually a big part of why we went there.

The food at Tom Yam Corner was delicious. It was hot but it really was delicious. Perhaps it was a little too good. If I hadn't been happily shovelling away while chatting and looking around I may have avoided catastrophe. Sadly however I wasn't paying enough attention and I repeated a mistake I made a few years back in Thailand.

It seems bizarre to think that I've done this twice now. Hopefully this will be the last time. Since then I've certainly been extra careful when eating anything that's likely to contain "surprise chilli."

We do recommend the restaurant if you want some chilli. As promised it was cheap, good and hot 🙂


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