The Original Coconut Shake In Melaka, Malaysia

The Original Coconut Shake in Melaka, Malaysia is certainly a drink that you must try… apparently!

People come from all over the world to go to a particular stall on the side of the road next to a petrol station in Melaka to partake in a ritual of tasting a coconut shake. There are numerous write ups about how awesome the original coconut shakes are. As the story goes, this stall was the first place in Melaka (possibly the world!) to make these coconut shakes, so you should never ever have another coconut shake anywhere else… at least in Melaka anyhow.

Well… if you have a look at our map here, you will see that it was too far out for us to walk to, and we were certainly not going to get a taxi to the stall just to have a coconut shake! So we found the next best thing!

Introducing… The Not So Original Coconut Shake in Melaka, Malaysia!

A coconut shake consists of fresh coconut flesh and its juice, a healthy dollop of icecream and then blended up with a lot of ice. That is worth RM 2.00. If you would like the “special” at the special price of RM 2.50, an extra dollop of icecream will be put on top.

We, of course, only had the normal coconut shakes as we are watching our figure. They were pretty tasty to be honest. I could taste vanilla icecream more than the coconut, was still good. So good that we went back and had another one each the next day.

You must have a coconut shake when you visit Melaka – either at the Original Coconut Shake Stall next to the petrol station or at the Not So Original Coconut Shake Stall just off Jonker Street in Melaka.

Here is a link to our food and more map of Melaka.


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