The Beaches of Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville in Cambodia is famous for its beaches. They vary widely from pristine to heavily polluted so it is important to know where to go. Below will provide some information to help you choose the beach for you.

On the particular day that we headed out in Sihanoukville to show you the beaches, it was quite overcast, windy and a little rainy. The best thing about a South East Asian beach is that even when it is raining, the ocean is still warm.

Victory Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Victory Beach is at the bottom of Victory Hill on the western side of town in Sihanoukville. There are plenty of budget accommodation options available close by which makes this place quite the tourist attraction.  It is the closest beach to the port where cruise liners stop for a day or two.  A fancy Airport themed restaurant, amongst other restaurants and shops, sits right on the beach front.  The beach sand wasn't too dirty although there was certainly a lot of larger rubbish items around.

Hawaii Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Hawaii beach in Sihanoukville  seems to be geared towards local Khmer tourists with plenty of deck chairs and tables to hire and sit at for the day.  It is a lovely looking beach with a lot of sand to spread your towel at on all day, however, again, there seems to be a lot of rubbish on the beach. Empty beer bottles, cigarette butts and plastic bags scattered everywhere. It is a pity as this beach is quite lovely to look at. The water is pretty, and the view of a bridge on one side and a jetty on the other.


Independence Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Independence Beach in Sihanoukville is a little out of the way for most people but it has at least two kilometres of beautiful swimming and beach sand to sit on. The public beach is located right next to a hotel complex that seems to keep the beach clean. Apart from the very clean beach, there is a lot of shade by trees, and fantastic paved picnic areas. This is a lovely beach.



Sokha Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Sokha Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a tiny little beach right next door to a fancy resort. The beach sand is pristinely clean, the water is lovely and the shade of the trees and the grassy areas gives it a nice family friendly feel to it. There isn't a lot around this beach apart from the fancy resort  but if you walk a few minutes you will reach some restaurants and little stalls selling drinks.


Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville is on one side of the two main touristy beaches on offer in Sihanoukville.  It is an extremely rocky beach area with little sand for sitting on.  There are a number of bars and restaurants that open right up to the beach sand so it is perfect for dining and gazing into the ocean. There are a lot of hawkers and beggers that walk the path way of Serendipity beach.



Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Ocheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville is joined to Serendipity Beach and is much busier. Ochheuteal Beach is the hub of tourist action. Restaurants and bars compete for your patronage offering very cheap drinks and meal deals throughout the day and night. Children are often seen trying to sell bracelets to people on the beach. There is quite a lot of theft here also. Leave everything locked up in your room if you are planning on coming here for a swim.  The beach is heavily polluted from the restaurants and bars. Cigarette butts litter the beach sand and ocean.


Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Otres Beach in Sihanoukville is where you head to when you want clean beaches and not to be bothered by hawkers. Although, there is still a little bit of rubbish around and you will be hassled by the odd hawker. It is nice though. You can find a lot of nice bars and restaurants who are a lot more laid back than at the other touristy beaches. Which is very nice. The only problem is that it is quite far out of town so you either need to walk a good 60 minutes, ride a bicycle for 30 minutes or pay a tuk tuk driver to drive you 15 minutes. It is a lovely beach.

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