Solid Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Bars – Better Than I Thought!

I was determined to find the best shampoo and conditioner for when we're on the road. Having spent over 8 months living in sunny Thailand I'm already aware of the fabulous shampoos and conditioners made especially for Thai ladies with their beautiful black glossy straight hair. My hair on the other hand is very curly, unruly, frizzy, unbrushable and often just plain unwearable. Using Thai shampoo and conditioners certainly made my hair soft and delicious but what came with the softness was a massive frizz hair halo. Enough I thought! What could I do? “Shave your head” seems to be the most common suggestion I get but hopefully it won't come to that!

hair shampoo bar
hair shampoo bar

Travelling light with only carry on luggage was also on my mind. What to do? I certainly wasn’t going to carry around mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner of up to 100ml (pesky airline rules) to last me at least 6 months of washing my hair. Then it occurred to me, surely I could buy these in a solid form. Shampoo and Conditioner is just a watered down version of soap isn't it?!

After a lot of searching on the web, reading reviews and watching youtube videos I found an Australian owned company called Soap Creations & Body Care – fresh goats milk products for you and all over your body. Yum! I was sold, not only on their products but for what they stand for. As they say on their website – “Soap Creations & Body Care is focused on providing high-quality Australian hand made products using only the finest top quality materials, and absolutely no animal testing is used at any stage of our production or from any of our raw materials suppliers.”

Within five minutes on being on their website I ordered one solid shampoo bar and one solid conditioner bar to be delivered to my work in Perth, Australia. Each shampoo and conditioner bar is made up of fresh goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, pink or white clay  and various yummy yummy essential oils. Not only did they look good they also looked like they would smell and feel good! Soap Creations & Body Care advised that each bar would give approximately 30 shampoo washes or conditioning treatments to your hair. With instructions along the lines of wet your hair, rub solid shampoo bar into your hair, rub through, rinse, then complete with doing the same with the solid conditioner bar.  Sounds easy enough.

Waiting for the solid shampoo bar and conditioner bars to arrive in the post was the hardest part. I was certainly impatient and hankering to wash my hair. The day they arrived, I went home and threw out the bottles that I had in the shower, went in and had my first go with a solid bar of goodness. Wow, I was certainly impressed. Although my first shampoo and condition I didn’t really feel like I had washed my hair as I suspect my hair was still used to far harsher products. Letting my hair dry naturally, my curls seemed fuller, my hair less frizzy and even smelt a lot nicer!

hair shampoo and hair conditioner bars
hair shampoo and hair conditioner bars

Two days later I washed my hair again, just to see the difference. Washing my hair was easier this time. I felt like I was washing my hair. It lathered up to what I was used to, the same happened when I used the solid conditioner bar. Delightful!  Letting my hair dry naturally again, my hair looked, felt and smelled delicious. Sold!

Now that we have been using both the solid shampoo bar and the solid conditioner bar for over three months, I can see many positives. If you don’t wash your hair every day like I don’t, I wash mine once a week unless I really have to, then these bars will last at least thirty weeks or nearly eight months. Eight months! Perfect for me since we are heading overseas for at least six months at a time! This would be the same even with Andrew using the products as he has hardly any hair, three rubs of the bars on his head and he is done.  Other positives include the size and weight of the products. At about 3.5cm x 7cm x 5cm each and with a weight of approximately 100 grams these will not take up much space or weight in our very small bags.

hair shampoo and conditioner bars with container
hair shampoo and conditioner bars with container

I certainly recommend you try out these solid shampoo and solid conditioner bars from Soap Creations & Body Care, as well as their other products, for both living at home and travelling away.  You can buy these products through their website at  Enjoy them as much as I do!

Since I started writing this review, Soap Creations & Body Care have informed me that they now include a container with a purchase if you so desire. The container is air tight, water tight and quite the awesome companion for lightweight carry-on luggage only travel.  There is a special on the moment of purchasing a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar and a container for $20 AUD. Bargain! Or, you could purchase the solid shampoo bar and two half soaps for $20 AUD. Tell them I sent you 🙂


7 thoughts on “Solid Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Bars – Better Than I Thought!

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the info on this.

    couple of questions. The manufacturer says each bar will only do 30 washes… is this the case? or have you found they last a lot longer?

    When you run out how do you get more if you are travelling around with no address that you can get it mailed to?

    Thanks again, loving the blog!

    1. Hi Tom, our solid shampoo and conditioner bars lasted us over 12 months. We don’t wash our hair every day and if there is free shampoo and conditioner for us to use at a hotel or backpackers, we will use that instead. Always use the freebies 😀 So yes, the bars will last longer than 30 washes if you use them like we do. We truly do love them!

      We went back to Australia just in time to pick up a new set. I ordered them when I was in Taiwan and had them delivered to my parent’s place in Australia… I love coming home to packages!

      1. Thanks again for the info. Will order some and try it out me thinks. Loving the blog, will be reading through some of your hotel reviews when I get a minute.
        I have referenced you on our new 101 travel tips page. Please drop by, and if there is anything you find useful we love getting back-links 🙂

        1. Thanks Tom! I am loving your website… perhaps we will meet up in person and have thorough discussions on how to live like kings and queens for less than $5 a pop 😀

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